Episode 6: Samantha Irwin: Standard Wax [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 1 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this sixth episode, I introduce you to Samantha Irwin of Standard Wax in Chandler, Arizona. Samantha and her business partner, Andrew King, met each other “by accident” at work, they did their first craft show “by accident,” they got their first wholesale customer “by accident,” and today, they are in business “by accident.” Clearly, there is no such thing as an accident.

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If you have ever felt like an entrepreneur by accident, you will be uplifted and encouraged by my chat with Samantha. Learn a bit about how she and Andrew leverage each other's strengths to be successful, and how Samantha was encouraged by connecting with another Indie Business Network member at a big show recently. And be sure to get to the bottom of this post to grab the coupon code you can use to purchase some Standard Wax candles for yourself.

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Samantha Irwin, Standard Wax

Season 1, Episode 6: Show Notes

Here are few of the things Samantha and I discussed in this episode.

  1. What you can do to work successfully with a business partner, and why partnering up in your business is something you may want to consider.
  2. Why it's awesome to fail.
  3. How Samantha is selling more than just candles.
  4. Why Samantha loves Instagram.
  5. What Samantha looks for in a good Indie craft event.
  6. How Samantha loves connecting with other Makers.
  7. Samantha's recommendations to help you look as reputable as possible when you have limited resources.

  8. Samantha's advice for Makers looking to transition from traditional work to a business selling what they make.

Enjoy this wonderful video showing how Standard Wax brings art into your everyday life.

Season 1, Episode 6: Resource Links

Social media: Instagram

Renegade Craft: Renegade Craft Fair

Unique LA: Unique LA

Art fair: Artlink Phoenix

Connect with Samantha and Standard Wax

Standard Wax on Facebook and Instagram

Listener Question

Natalya at Golden Gate Homeopathy asked: “How do you make people on Twitter aware of you as a brand?”

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A Coupon Code For You!

I'm excited to share that Samantha has generously offered a coupon code just for Indie Business Podcast listeners!

Enter the coupon code: IBN at checkout to save 30% on your Standard Wax online purchase. The code expires at midnight PST on October 31, 2014, so get busy now.

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