Season 3, Episode 3: “Makers on Main Street” with Jamyla Bennu [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 3 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this third episode of my Makers on Main Street series, I introduce you to Jamyla Bennu of Oyin Handmade in Baltimore, Maryland. You'll be so inspired by how Jamyla has grown her business from a tiny kitchen operation to a retail store with production space built in, a fully operating salon (where Oyin Handmade products are used exclusively), and a local popup event that draws artists, Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs from all over.


Jamila has been a member of the Indie Business Network since 2000.

Not only will you get some great business inspiration from Jamyla. You'll also learn how she and her husband manage a thriving household that includes two very active young children. I know many of you know how that is … I sure do. There is so much more packed into this episode of the Indie business Podcast. You are going to love it! Enjoy my Interview with Jamyla NOW!

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Season 3, Episode 3: Show Notes

Here are few episode 3 highlights.

  1. Jamyla's journey from hobby, to kitchen table startup, to scaling up to where she is today. (starting at 1:49)
  2. Opening the retail store and the benefits of not being home-based. (starting at 4:29)
  3. Being a solopreneur does not mean going it alone. (starting at 8:24)
  4. Using email newsletters (and some social media), flyers and a launch party to spread the word about the retail store as a destination location. (starting at 9:13)
  5. Awesome “late night” video podcast promotion. (starting at 11:45)
  6. Every step we've taken has been when either there was no path or we were actively avoiding the path. (starting at 13:40)

  7. How Jamyla's popup works in conjunction with Jamyla's artist husband, Pierre Bennu. (starting at 14:24)
  8. How the retail operation works with the salon, hair stylists and service providers who use their spa space … including massage therapists and a henna artist (who is also another IBN member … W00T!). (starting at 19:06)
  9. Jamyla created the type of business model that works for her and not the type of business model everyone said would work. (starting at 23:17)

Connect with Jamyla at Oyin Handmade

Check out Jamyla at the Oyin Handmade website, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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