Season 3, Episode 6: “Makers on Main Street” with Torrian Howell [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 6 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this sixth episode of my Makers on Main Street series, you'll meet Torrian Howell of Dorneé Natural Body and Hair Luxuries in Twinsburg, Ohio (near Cleveland). Torrian is the single mother of one son, and even with her business going gangbusters and a newly opened retail store, she still holds down a full time job.


Torrian has been a member of the Indie Business Network since 2011.

Torrian started out as a manicurist and she still maintains her license, but today, 100% of her entrepreneurial energy is devoted to making and selling the products her customers love. Torrian, whose past work experience as a manicurist and the owner of three nail salons, has made it relatively easy for her to sell her products in salons and in retail stores. Earlier this month, she opened her own retail store. While the sky is the limit with this Maker, she has had to overcome significant challenges to bring her goals to fruition. Her story will encourage you to knock down every wall that threatens to come between you and you business. Enjoy my interview with Torrian NOW!

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Torrian Howell, Dorneé Natural Body and Hair Luxuries

Season 3, Episode 6: Show Notes

Here are few episode 6 highlights.

  1. How Torrian started Dorneé as a way of taking care of her mother's skin, which was dry from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. (starting at 2:02)
  2. Torrian talks about her “real” full time job and her career as a manicurist. (starting at 4:53)
  3. On overcoming obstacles, and Torrian overcame a whopper of one, and then another one. Despite back to back tragedies, Torrian and her business have thrived (starting at 6:04)
  4. Why a retail store? Why now? (starting at 12:00)
  5. Torrian's tips for preparing to open a retail store, including researching the city regulations for your location as well. (starting at 15:03)
  6. Torrian discusses her vision for her retail location, including the experience she wants her customers to have when that walk into her boutique. (starting at 19:55)
  7. Who helps Torrian in her business. (starting at 20:46)
  8. A bit about the Dorneé business model. (starting at 22:22)
  9. Torrian's tips for managing a business while maintaining a full time job. (starting at 25:25)

Visit Dorneé in Twinsburg, Ohio!

Visit Dorneé in the historical district of Bedford , Ohio, at 711 Broadway Avenue. The phone number there is (440) 252-7270.

Connect with Torrian Online

Check out Torrian at the Dorneé website, and on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram.

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