“Where can I go to destash unused ingredients, supplies, packaging, and equipment?” If you have more than you need, IBN's Swap & Sell is a fun and efficient way for you to destash what you don't need as you have fun connecting with American Makers nationwide.

Did you buy too much packaging?

Or maybe you discontinued a product, leaving you with boxes, ribbons, or washi tape just sitting around your studio.

Do you want to get rid of that mixer, the fancy cutting equipment, or the new label maker you bought last year, but only used twice?

Whatever you have on hand, another Maker is probably looking for it, and our Swap & Sell is a fun way to unload it. At IBN's Swap & Sell, you can exchange what you have on hand for something of equal value, or you can sell it outright.

Swap & Sell is not for people who are in the supply business, and IBN does not guarantee or warranty any Swap & Sell transactions. As always, buyer beware!

Ask all the questions you need to ask during and after the Swap & Sell.

Once you click the link we send you via email (or get it inside the exclusive member Facebook group), you are live with us in the Swap & Sell. Then, one at a time, you'll share what you have on hand, and use the chat room to negotiate the price. Once the event concludes, tie up the loose ends on your own, and you're done!

It's super easy. First of all, it's only open to IBN members. (You can join here if you're not a member yet.)

We meet using an app that is free and easy to use. All you need is the app link and the items you want to swap or sell. IBN provides you with the link, of course.

Spread the word!

Like all of our events, this one is so much fun! If you think your fellow members and Makers may not know about it yet, don't keep the fun to yourself. As more people join us, you have more opportunities to acquire what you ned and destash what you don't. Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.