Crystals for Entrepreneurial Energy


Date: December 12th, 2020
Time: 7pm to 8:30pm ET

Discover the best crystals to support your entrepreneurial journey.


Crystals for Entrepreneurial Energy: Earth's Gifts of Productivity + Creativity

Have you ever wondered what all the buzz is about crystal healing? Do you find crystals sparkly and pretty and interesting, but perhaps consider them more like home decor than a tool? Are you drawn to crystals, but aren't sure what to do with them?

This 75-minute class will take you on a journey through the wide world of crystals using the lens of an entrepreneurial spirit. Olivia MacMillan, certified crystal healer, will guide you through the basic science and physics behind how and why crystals work and the best crystals to support the key bumps in the road most entrepreneurs face including instability, challenging systems, complicated relationships, passion, creativity and focus.

The class includes a pdf booklet with cleansing guidelines, entrepreneurial crystal grid layouts and suggested crystal pairings and meditations for the most common entrepreneurial hurdles.

There is a Crystals for Entrepreneurs Kit containing the crystals chosen for the class in a special crystal pouch, a pendulum and sage to cleanse your crystals before use available for purchase in November from STRŌB Apothecary

A recording of this class will be sent to every student.


Olivia MacMillan, CA, CCHA

 is a clinical aromatherapist, a certified crystal healer, herbalist, and tea snob as well as a co-founder and partner in STROB Apothecary and a retail business consultant.

Olivia has a gift and passion for teaching and helping her students attain understanding by meeting them where they are on their journey and pointing them in the direction they want to go with clarity and purpose. Some of Olivia’s favorite classes to teach are Essential Oils for Beginners, Crystal Healing for Beginners, Herbal-Infused Oils & Salves crafting, Everyday Use for Crystal Grids and Energetics and the Soul of Essential Oils.

In her spare time, Olivia enjoys formulating skin care preparations and botanical perfumes for small businesses and not-so-small companies. She is dedicated to serving God through her work with the music ministry at her church. She and her husband Dan are avid bibliophiles and in their couple time, they enjoy reading, cooking for the family, and playing board games.

Materials + Notes

A recording of this class will be sent to every student.

IMPORTANT: The class price is $20. A companion kit containing the crystals used for the class will be available for purchase in November at