Thanks for clicking through to this page from my Weekly Letter. I am so excited to tell you about this one-time opportunity.

You need a Stand Out Sister Session if you need help figuring out how to make your products and services stand out in a crowded market place!

If you already know you want a Stand Out Sister Session, click the graphic to reserve yours now before the ten slots are gone.

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Remember, there are only ten of Stand Out Sister Sessions available, so don't delay. they will fill up quickly at this price. Not sure? Then read on to see if a Stand Out Sister Session is for you.

Are you a Stand Out Sister?

Are you a Stand Out Sister? How? What sets you apart from the people who make you make and sell what you sell? What can your target customers get from you that they cannot get anywhere else in the world at any price?

If you don't have an answer, you need one. You really do.

Book Your Stand Out Sister Session

Your one-hour Stand Out Sister Session will help you gain clarity about exactly who you are serving and what you have to offer those people. It's about honing in on the your value proposition. We will isolate exactly what makes you and your brand different, so you can draw people to you, and be a Stand Out Sister.

Here is what you get:

* My Stand Out Sister quick questionnaire to help you identify where you need help becoming a Stand Out Sister, which I personally review in advance

* Your one-hour phone session, recorded if you desire (at no additional charge), so you don't miss any of the golden nuggets we unexpectedly drop during our meeting (and there always are some!)

* A clear path forward to become a Stand Out Sister

This is not for people who need help starting a business.

Stand Out Sister is about clarifying the CORE of your existing business. It's about your story … your messaging … your platform … the very foundation upon which your business rests. Click the graphic above or here to reserve your Stand Out Sister Session now!