Announcing the Indie Business Network’s newest member benefit: Instagram Indie Takeover!


How to Participate in our Instagram #IndieTakover

Don’t miss this chance to feature your Maker brand on the Indie Business Network Instagram Stories! Want to host our next Instagram Stories Indie Takeover? Here's how it works:

  1. You'll prepare a minimum of 10-15 stories throughout the day. Your stories can be a healthy mix of interesting photos and captivating video, leaning more towards video.
  2. One of your videos must be a Good Morning and Welcome! video. This video is a 30-60 second clip introducing yourself, your business, and a little bit of what you'll be sharing that day. Other than that, the day is up to you! Share a fun video tour of your workspace, a behind-the-scenes look of your making process or packaging process, show a hands-on demo of your top selling products in use, highlight fun bonus elements you include in every shipment—tell the audience what makes your business special! (For more inspo, check out our latest takeover by Arbria Creations!)
  3. You'll send your stories to a member of Team Indie throughout the day of your takeover who will quickly review and post to IBN Stories.

And be sure to follow the Indie Business Network Instagram account as we follow and celebrate the entrepreneurial journey of our next #IndieTakeover guest!