As the Indie Business Network has grown, many members have requested that more than one person representing their company be provided with access to the member benefits, so they don't miss out on things that matter to them. Today, we are announcing Indie Business Teammates to fill that need!

Indie Business Teammates

• How many times have you wished that someone could help you take advantage of IBN's exclusive private entrepreneurial community so you don't miss out on any of the discussions and mastermind sessions that are relevant to your unique business?

• Have you found yourself missing some of our live events because you did not have the time to mark your calendar for events that could have helped your business grow?

• Or maybe you have missed a business building member benefit — all because it didn't percolate to the top of your list in time for you to catch up?

These are real member stories! They never have to happen again!

And now, for $97 per year (that's about $8 per month), you can add a teammate to your membership and never miss a business building event or discussion again! Apply below.

Secure Your Indie Business Teammates Membership Now!

To submit an application to add your teammate, submit the form below.

IMPORTANT!! Submit this form on behalf of your teammate, using your teammate's name and email address — not yours!