Announcing Tech Tuesday, the newest benefit for members of the Indie Business Network! Based on my own experiences as an entrepreneur over the past two decades, and on personal conversations with you, our members, I know how difficult it is to handle all of the technical issues that come with managing a successful business today.

The Purpose of Tech Tuesday

The tech questions in our private member Facebook group are endless. From Shopify, to WordPress, to Wix, to Big Commerce, to Instagram, to Facebook, and all the rest, the issues and questions are constant, and it can be dizzying. To address this pressing member need, I have curated a team of technical experts to help you tackle the tech, and move onto leading your business as quickly as possible! I will introduce them to you shortly … meanwhile, I want to know what your questions are!

Please use the form below to post your Tech Tuesday question. As you do so, remember that this benefit is not designed to do things for you. Rather it's designed to show you how to do things yourself, and/or to refer you to resources people you can hire to do them for you, if you don't want to do them yourself.

Please pose your question below in this form, “HOW DO I …?” and proceed from there. This format helps us understand exactly what it is you want to accomplish.

Please ask one question per form submission.

Note that we will not answer questions like, “How do I blog?” We will only answer questions about how to do a specific thing with technology.

Examples of great questions include specific things like:

• How do I add category options to my WordPress blog?
• How do I install a WordPress or Shopify plugin?
• How do I set up tabs on my Facebook page?
• How do I create a private group on Instagram?
• How do I resize a photograph so it fits my blog sidebar?

Post your Tech Tuesday request below!

Tech Tuesday Request Form