Last month, we accepted nominations for the 2016 Artisan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. The nominations have been accepted, and now, it's time to vote! As a refresher, the purpose of the awards is to honor Artisan Entrepreneurs throughout North American who are feeding the growing demands of consumers for products that are handmade with love, purpose and intention.

Nominations were accepted in six categories that uniquely reflect the creativity and innovative spirit of the Artisan Entrepreneur:

• artisan product(s)
• product photography
• Instagram imagery
• inspiring storytelling
• website user experience
• community engagement and customer service

Each of the nominations has been accepted, and you can vote for your choice in the six categories below.

There is no panel of “expert judges.” Instead, votes are accepted from YOU — customers, peers, professional artisan colleagues, friends, family members …. Whether you are a Maker or a customer of any nominee, your vote counts!

One Vote Per Category Per Person

Use the form below to vote your choice for 2016 Artisan Entrepreneur of the Year. Choose only one company from each category.

You Do Not Have to Vote in Each Category

You do not have to vote in each category. You can vote in all categories, or just one or two categories. It's up to you.

The voting period has closed, the votes are being tabulated, and the winners will be announced shortly! Good Luck!

Thank you for participating in the 2016 Artisan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. We cannot wait to announce the winners at the end of the month!