Announcing the 2016 Artisan Entrepreneurs of the Year!

I am pleased to announce the 2016 Artisan Entrepreneurs of the Year! Our winners were selected by vote from 14 finalists. The winners received the most votes in six categories. A total of 480 votes were submitted by the finalists customers, peers and friends. If you missed the overview of the Artisan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, what they stand for, and why they are so important in the Artisan and Maker communities, you can read it here.

The winners were selected to represent six categories that uniquely reflect the creativity and innovative spirit of the Artisan Entrepreneur:

• artisan product(s)
• product photography
• Instagram imagery
• inspiring storytelling
• website user experience
• community engagement and customer service

Let's Meet The Winners!

Bath, Body, Candle Moments, owned by Kristen Fusaro-Pizzo, in Staten Island, New York

Bath, Body, Candle Moments had the most votes in these categories: artisan products, community engagement and customer service, inspired storytelling, and website user experience. Have a look at their website to have an experience of your own!

Fragrant Elegance, owned by Alexandra Tresch, in Springfield, Massachusetts

Fragrant Elegance had the most votes in the Instagram imagery category. Follow them on Instagram to see why!

Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium, owned by Charlene Simon, in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium is the winner in our product photography category. If you're not sure why, check out images of some of their soaps here.

The Future of the Artisan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

2016 was our first year hosting the Artisan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, and I am excited that participation was so robust even though there were not many voting days last year.

Winners for the 2016 awards were selected by number of votes. As we move forward, we will make changes to the nominating and voting process to make it even more fun and rewarding for all!

Please join me in congratulating all the 2016 Artisan Entrepreneurs of the Year!

I also wish to congratulate all of our nominees. Meet them here:

Celtic Complexion
etta + billie
Gavin Luxe
Georges Botanique Aromatiques
Lovewild Design
Outlaw Soaps
Scrubz Body
Sorcery Soap
Sparklefly Candles


Did you vote? Do you see your favorite here? If you're inspired by these Artisan Makers, please share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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