Meet Our Summer 2017 Interns

I am thrilled to introduce the Indie Business Network Summer 2017 interns, my children: Vanessa Johnson and Brooks Johnson. Before I do so, let me first ask your indulgence because you will probably see this post about a million times over the next few days. As you know, I do not beat people over the head with my blog posts, but I hope you'll indulge this mamma just this once. I'm very proud of my … [Read more...]

Claim Your Indie Business Network Complimentary Day Pass (June 1, 2017)

See for yourself why thousands of people have joined the Indie Business Network community over the years. We invite you to experience our unsurpassed entrepreneurial training and community with a free day pass on June 1, 2017. Meet our members, enjoy complimentary networking with other Maker and Handmade Entrepreneur leaders, get access to one of my Facebook Live marketing presentations. If you … [Read more...]

The Indie Business Podcast Story

This post tells the story of how I got started as a podcaster, and why. I'll also share a bit about why I'm making some big changes to the Indie Business Podcast. Strap yourself in for a journey. I've come a long way, baby! I hosted my first Internet radio show in 2005, just one year after the word "podcast" was ever used. At that time, the only person I knew of who hosted an Internet radio … [Read more...]

New Low Prices on Product Liability Insurance

I am pleased to announce that the Indie Business Network now offers a new lower price on product liability insurance for our members who make soap, candles, jewelry, perfume, and cosmetics! Product liability insurance prices now start at $275, instead of the higher price of $395. Now, you can secure the same product liability insurance for less, and more easily sell your products online and at … [Read more...]

The Makers Summit – Two-Day Summit for Creative Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs crave connection. They thrive on it. They love being together virtually in Facebook groups and on social media sites, but they know that nothing can replace the energy, uplift and inspiration that comes with being physically together with like-minded people who "get" them. That's where events like The Makers Summit come in. One of the best sources I know of for the … [Read more...]