An Exciting First For IBN: Countdown to Ten Years Of Service!

In just a few days, I will celebrate 10 years of leading the Indie Beauty Network and serving the most innovative, creative and tenacious small and independent business owners in the world. I'm celebrating a few days early because today, for the first time, an IBN member has renewed her membership for the tenth year in a row.

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That's right!! Maggie Hanus of A Wild Soap Bar outside Austin, Tx, is the first member to renew for ten straight years. Maggie first joined IBN in early 2000 when her business was called, “Of The Earth Soapworks.” It later became “A Wild Texas Soap Bar,” and today, it's “A Wild Soap Bar.”

Like me, Maggie is familiar with name and logo changes through the years! You can find out a bit about how this video featuring Maggie and here business was shot in this post. And don't forget to visit Maggie's website, blog and Twitter page to meet her and learn more about her fantastic products. You can also connect with Maggie at IBN's social networking site.

Question: Are you as inspired by Maggie's family business as I am?

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