Proper Buyer Etiquette at Local Farmer’s Markets and Shows

It's finally fall, and that means more farmer's markets and shows for Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs. It may come as a surprise to you, but there are simple things you can do as a buyer to enjoy a better shopping experience. Since I used to sell my own handmade products at a local market, and because I advise and mentor Makers for a living today, I have first-hand knowledge of some … [Read more...]

My Current Favorite iPhone Apps

If you have seen me recently, you have probably also seen my iPhone 6+. It's a pretty big piece of equipment considering the 5.5" screen, but I love it. It takes super clear and crisp photos and has lots of storage for the audio and video files I need to have at my fingertips so much of the time. I used to download every new app I thought would be fun and interesting, even if I was not sure … [Read more...]

7 Reasons You Might Be Losing Customers (and what to do about it)

This article is about doing specific things to ensure that you are not losing customers on a consistent basis. Obviously, you can’t afford to continually lose customers if you want your business to be solid and sustainable over the long haul. If you are losing customers (and therefore money), it is often for one of seven reasons. I not only address them here, but offer ideas for how to fix … [Read more...]

A 5-Step Approach to a Solid Business

This morning, I had the pleasure of hosting my friend, Melinda Emerson, at the Urban League of the Central Carolinas for a morning of small business networking and learning. You may know Melinda as "Small Biz Lady," the one who hosts the weekly #SmallBizChat. Here we are cheesing a bit before Melinda took the stage. Melinda delivered a dynamite presentation filled with nuggets of wisdom to help … [Read more...]

Sales Strategies for Artists From the American Made Show

Earlier this month, I attended the American made Show and the Arts Business Institute in Washington, DC. Hosted by Wendy Rosen (pictured in the front with me and some IBN members), the American Made Show is the premier wholesale trade show for handmade American made products. The Arts Business Institute is hosted in conjunction with the trade show to provide Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs with … [Read more...]