Announcing The #IndieCruise Scholarship Winner

Iam pleased to introduce you to Jewel Emery, the winner of the scholarship to #IndieCruise MasterMind 2012: Create The Life You Love! A few minutes after I called Jewel last week to tell her the good news, she sent me this.

Is that gorgeous or what? Jewel was selected from dozens of entries last week, and I cannot wait to meet her in February. You can join me, Jewel and other serious-minded entrepreneurs on #IndieCruise too — just register here. Read on to find out what our esteemed group of judges had to say about Jewel and all the entrants!

Special thanks to our judges, Jason Keath of Social Fresh, Anita Campbell of Small Biz Trends, and Rieva Lesonsky of Grow Biz Media, who let me know that they were impressed with all of the scholarship entries and had a hard time choosing among the amazing women who entered. They were unanimously impressed with Jewel and her efforts to invent a second career for herself.

Meet The Judges

Be sure to take a moment to learn more about the businesses of our judges. You will be inspired and virtually mentored.

1. Anita Campbell is a former practicing attorney who has built a valuable small business media empire in Small Bis Trends that informs and empowers small business owners every day. Check out her online blog — really a wonderful online magazine!.

2. Rieva Lesonsky is the former editor of Entrepreneur Magazine who speaks all over about how you can be successful as a small business leader. Check out her site, with the inside track on trends to help you grow.

3. Jason Keath is the leader over at the Social Fresh Conference, which is held in multiple cities, including Charlotte, annually. Find out when the conference is headed your way here.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you've not registered for #IndieCruise, you're missing out on the most amazing time of one-on-one coaching with me — and more importantly, MasterMinding with other incredible women entrepreneurs including Jennifer Hardaway of KleanSpa, Lela Barker of Bella Lucce, Dawn Fitch of Pooka Pure & Simple and so many more.

Register Today!

To register and claim your spot, click here. If you're on the fence, get the scoop on my plans to help you Create The Life You Love as we sail from Miami to Jamaica, and then to Grand Cayman, click here.

If you want 2012 to be a year of unprecedented growth for your business, I don't know why you would want to miss this opportunity!

See you there!

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