Artisan Made Show: Episode 2: Handcrafted Honeybee

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Artisan Made Show. (If you missed Episode 1, you can check it out here.) On today's show, we are selling products made by our member, Stacia Guzzo at Handcrafted Honeybee in Tehachapi, California. Watch the episode below (and scroll down for a shipping special if you order by Monday!)

Handcrafted Honeybee exists to help girls unlock their unlimited potential as inventors, artists, entrepreneurs and chemists. Stacia, a former teacher, has infused her passion for learning into a line of products that empowers girls not only to feel beautiful, but also to feel good about being smart.

Each Handcrafted Honeybee kit contains the ingredients needed to make a beauty product, like clay facial mask, deodorant or lip balm, along with information about the ingredients used to create the cosmetic.

In today's show, we sold the Clay Mask Kit which contains several different types of clay, powdered oatmeal, powdered milk, two jars, a spoon, and an information brochure sharing instructions on how to create facial masks for specific skin types.

Limited Time Shipping Discount!

Until Monday, December 19, if you place an online in any amount and select the $5 flat rate shipping option, you'll be automatically upgraded to priority shipping. This will give you added peace of mind as you order gifts you want under the tree on December 25.

Handcrafted Honeybee offers wholesale as well.

Order at Handcrafted Honeybee today!

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