Every Chamber of Commerce Should Have a Video Like This

Do you belong to your local chamber of commerce? While the Indie Business Network is not one of the more active members of our local chamber, we do belong and attend as many events as we can. If you are a member of your local chamber, it should not be terribly difficult to share the value of a promotion like this — especially during the holiday season.

Is this not enough to make you want to go to New Hampshire right now!? Thanks to our member, Deb Jasien of Fields of Ambrosia in Intervale, New Hampshire, for sharing this. Deb's shop is located in North Conway Village, which is featured in the video.

More About Chambers of Commerce

If you'd like to learn more about how your local chamber of commerce can help your business grow, you might enjoy this podcast from our archives

Visit Deb and Fields of Ambrosia!

Visit Deb's shop at 2724 White Mountain Highway in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Check her out on Facebook.

Question: Are you a member of your local chamber of commerce? Why or why not? If they promoted the smaller Indie businesses more, would you join?

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