Deer Valley Lavender Farm

  • Owner: Elizabeth Cattinari
  • Member Since: March 2022
Lavender farm- retail homemade lotion, soap, body scrubs, bath salts, candles

Degrees of Freedom LLC d/b/a DIY Scent Studio

  • Owner: Sherry Sterling
  • Member Since: January 2017


  • Owner: Jennifer Crane
  • Member Since: January 2017
Handmade scented soy candles

Deminion Beatz Productions

  • Owner: Phillip Groves
  • Member Since: June 2022
Music production

Denis Baker Emus

  • Owner: Denis Baker
  • Member Since: December 2011

Denise RIncon Skin Care

  • Owner: Denise Rincon
  • Member Since: June 2021
Small batch hand crafted skin care essentials

DeRosa Media, LLC

  • Owner: Donna DeRosa
  • Member Since: December 2011

Desert Sage Herbal Apothecary

  • Owner: Tanya Arbuckle
  • Member Since: April 2022
Herbal skin care business

Desiree Creates (Lifestyle Swag,LLC)

  • Owner: Desiree Horsey
  • Member Since: July 2022
Mind Body Spirit products-Candles, wax melts, lotion bars, sugar scrubs, lip balms, workbooks, journals

Detroit Malletworks aka Malletworks

  • Owner: Diane Hellner
  • Member Since: June 2022
Malletworks is a wholesale brand of sculptural wood mallets--art that you can look at, hold, and use. We sell to designers and retail shops. Our designs/collections are custom-crafted in the US using sustainably sourced materials.
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