Dotters & Sons

  • Owner: Courtney Christenson
  • Member Since: November 2022
Dotters & Sons is a luxury home & body brand based in the Columbia River Gorge, outside of Portland, Oregon. Designed with a nostalgic edge and modern ethic, we create nourishing body care, and boutique fragrances for home and body.

Down South Scentamentals

  • Owner: Vernita Williams
  • Member Since: October 2022
I create handmade natural soaps and wax melts and future bath products and candles.

Doyenne Candles

  • Owner: Bobbi Thompson
  • Member Since: May 2021
All natural soy candles.

Dozy Doe Pottery

  • Owner: Jenny Keith
  • Member Since: February 2023
A pottery shop of things I’ve made

Dr. Bibi Organics, LLC

  • Owner: Yuval Bibi
  • Member Since: June 2019
Here at Dr. Bibi Organics, we specialize in vegan all-natural skin moisturization. Our body balm is made with three powerful sustainable-resource ingredients to provide extraordinary value for your skin needs.

Dr. Campbell’s

  • Owner: Cherisse Campbell
  • Member Since: March 2022
Body butter and portable fire pit that support personal care and connection.

Dr. Dawne ObGyn LLC

  • Owner: Dawne Collier Dupart
  • Member Since: April 2021
Candles, wax melts based on fragrance and essential oils, promoting wellness, peace and calm

Dr. Epps Hair Burst

  • Owner: Alia Epps
  • Member Since: January 2023
Dr. Epps Hair Burst oil serum is a blend of natural oils to promote hair growth and fullness by stimulating hair follicles, providing hydration, and softening and detangling hair. The serum is designed for men and women and is effective for facial hair as well.

Dr. Jon’s Shaving Soap Co.

  • Owner: Jon Eplin
  • Member Since: July 2019
Maker of natural men's grooming products.

Dr. KJs Aged to Perfection

  • Owner: Khadeja Johnson
  • Member Since: November 2020
I do youtube blogging about skin care products and am making my own product.
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