Dollface beauty

  • Owner: Bibi Hakim
  • Member Since: January 2022
Hair and beauty brand


  • Owner: Brenda Core
  • Member Since: May 2011
We sell Caribbean-inspired natural skincare products such as body butters and soaps.

Dont know yet

  • Owner: RuthAnn Matthews
  • Member Since: June 2022
I have a soap, bath and body business. Currently rebranding and stuck on a name and branding. I am also an artist looking to expand my business to include my art and other products.

Door County Wildflower Candles & More

  • Owner: Jacklene Campbell
  • Member Since: December 2020
Sustainably made candles in upcycled vessels, with dried flowers and natural elements hand-harvested, pressed and dried in Door County, Wisconsin.


  • Owner: Torrian Howell
  • Member Since: December 2011

Dose of Serenity, LLC

  • Owner: Chloe Thompson
  • Member Since: March 2021
Handmade wooden wick candle business. This business was inspired to encourage self care and self love.

Doshi Candle Company

  • Owner: Josh Zawadzki
  • Member Since: May 2020
Hand poured, small-batch candle company

Doyenne Candles

  • Owner: Bobbi Thompson
  • Member Since: May 2021
All natural soy candles.

Dr. Campbell’s

  • Owner: Cherisse Campbell
  • Member Since: March 2022
Body butter and portable fire pit that support personal care and connection.

Dr. Dawne ObGyn LLC

  • Owner: Dawne Collier Dupart
  • Member Since: April 2021
Candles, wax melts based on fragrance and essential oils, promoting wellness, peace and calm
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