KimJon Enterprises

  • Owner: Jon Eplin
  • Member Since: July 2019
Maker of natural men's grooming products.

Kimo Bentley LLC

  • Owner: Kimo Bentley
  • Member Since: April 2018

Kin and Mor

  • Owner: Beth Kinamore
  • Member Since: November 2019
We are two sisters making monthly candles. Our first collection is CELEBRATEMORE - celebrating all the little and big things that make each month unique. Our candles are 100% american made, 90% coconut and 10% soy wax, and we hand pour them ourselves.

Kina’s Natruals

  • Owner: Kina Cliette
  • Member Since: January 2012

Kind and Simple, LLC

  • Owner: Lillian Lilly
  • Member Since: July 2017

Kinderhaven Farm

  • Owner: Joy Castonguay
  • Member Since: October 2016
Kinderhaven Farm is a cottage industry whose mission is to produce the finest hand-made goat milk soaps, artisan bath and body products and home-fragrancing products. We believe that taking care of one's self helps to enable the individual to contribute meaningfully to society at large, and so we specialize in providing basic necessities with a luxurious flare.


  • Owner: Jennifer Swanson
  • Member Since: December 2018
MEMENTO GREETING CANDLES - BURN BRIGHT FROM WITHIN Each candle holds a special message inside, etched onto a beautiful metal memento. As the candle is burned, a greeting will gradually appear through the wax. Each time you relight the candle, your memento will reappear bringing a personal touch over and over again. Once the candle is complete, the memento can be kept as a gift, and used in any creative way.

Kiss Freely

  • Owner: Jennifer Kurko
  • Member Since: October 2014

Kissmor LLC

  • Owner: Daniel Duryea
  • Member Since: January 2020
Moringa based products. Lip balms, body balms and oils, specialty cosmetics.

Klayton Candle Co.

  • Owner: Kristin Kleppe
  • Member Since: September 2020
Hand crafted coconut blend candles, soy wax melts and room sprays.
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