KLH Industries, LLC

  • Owner: KeShawn Haynes
  • Member Since: June 2023
Cosmetics Company

KMD Kandles LLC

  • Owner: Kendra Davis
  • Member Since: January 2021
At my company we sell candles, wax melts and home fragrance oils for oil warmers.

KMK Scented Creations

  • Owner: Cassandra Hurse
  • Member Since: August 2022
I make candles and was melts

Knox’s Favorite Candle Company

  • Owner: Stephen Hand
  • Member Since: June 2016
We are a company who make dog themed candles! 10% of all profits go to organizations who's mission is to better the welfare of dogs.

Koco Soap Co.

  • Owner: Stephen Tanji
  • Member Since: October 2019
makers of handmade hawaiian soaps and cosmetics

Kohu Creek

  • Owner: Danielle McNair
  • Member Since: October 2020
Handcrafted bath, body and homecare company. We make all sorts of products including candles, lotions, bath salts and more.

Kokokahn, Inc.

  • Owner: Traci Dalrymple
  • Member Since: December 2011


  • Owner: Christine Komer
  • Member Since: January 2023
Maker of candles, lotions, salves, Reiki

Koru Essential Oils

  • Owner: Janna Setterholm (Schatz)
  • Member Since: April 2018

Kos Candles LLC

  • Owner: Kailey Tollefson
  • Member Since: December 2020
Eco-friendly + vegan candles inspired by Kos: Norwegian word for anything that brings you love, joy, & cozy living
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