L’Aromatica Perfume

  • Owner: Maria Remsing
  • Member Since: August 2013
L'Aromatica Perfume is a purveyor of natural perfumes based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We use exquisite botanical ingredients to handcraft small batches of perfume for men and women.

L’atelier de Claire

  • Owner: Jee Hye Park
  • Member Since: February 2021
Making and selling Candles, wax tablets, and wax melt.

La Curie

  • Owner: Lesli Wood
  • Member Since: January 2018

La Douceur Corporelle – The Body Sweetness

  • Owner: SHERYCE Hogbonouto
  • Member Since: March 2019
I make scented body massage oil candles from my home in small batches. I eventually would like to add soaps, body oil, and essential oils to my line, Combining the perfect blend of fragrance and essential oils with vibrant and/or subtle aromas that ignite the senses.

La Fleur by Livvy

  • Owner: Olivia Larson
  • Member Since: December 2013
La Fleur by Livvy

La Galeria de Keown

  • Owner: Shain Forte
  • Member Since: November 2021
Vintage home goods and jewelry


  • Owner: Michael Scholes
  • Member Since: December 2011
Established in 1987 and now sell over 600 essential oils from our Library of Fragrance in addition to organic carriers, floral waters, remedies and personal care products for bath, body, skin, hair and the environment. We also have a professional Spa line in addition to our 9 Signature Treatments. We are all things aromatic and are full service including offering consultations, Reality Based Solutions and educational opportunities.

Lace & Ivy Soapworks

  • Owner: Lee Johnson
  • Member Since: September 2022
We make handmade soap, lotions, scrubs, bubble bars and bath bombs, milk baths, bath salts and teas, eye serums, face masks, lip balms and scrubs, shampoo and conditioner, heel sticks, beard balm, candles and wax melts.

Lachi Corporation

  • Owner: kiran Lachireddy
  • Member Since: May 2022
We make luxury aromatherapy candles, soaps and aroma diffusers, unique scents for relaxation, rejuvenation, and to recharge.

Ladan Holistic Spa

  • Owner: Noushin (Shirin) Rahmatollahi
  • Member Since: November 2015
Hands of Light is a holistic, wellness spa located in Vienna, Virginia. Our therapeutic treatments, using organic and natural products, aim to help clients connect their body, mind and soul. Clients say that our sessions offer them not only beautiful, well-nourished skin, but a relaxing, pampering, energy-healing experience that leaves them restored at every level.
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