Lady And Hound

  • Owner: Debra Mallgrave (Steph Cohen)
  • Member Since: November 2017

Lakewood Soap Company LLC

  • Owner: Linda Morris
  • Member Since: December 2014
Lakewood Soap Co. is located in eastern Tennessee near the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. We make cold process soap in small batches and support other area business by using local ingredients whenever possible. We also offer, lotions, lip balms and other bath and products.


  • Owner: Kathleen Varco
  • Member Since: May 2018

Lamira Artisans

  • Owner: Rosalyn Freeman
  • Member Since: January 2012
Lamira Artisans is a company that makes custom jewelry using semi precious stones & glass beads; bath & beauty products using natural ingredients and 100% Soy candles.

Lamonti Essentials

  • Owner: Raven Profit
  • Member Since: September 2020
Hobby turned art. What makes our candles different? What's inside them. Lamonti Essentials strives to builds candles made with organic ingredients including virgin coconut soy wax and unique scents, fragrances and essential oils, Handmade with love.

Lancolia LLC

  • Owner: Nabila Brabez
  • Member Since: June 2016
Personal Care products manufacture

Land of the Living Apothecary, LLC

  • Owner: Mindy Westfall (Kondorf)
  • Member Since: April 2018

Land Sea Soul

  • Owner: Kevin Zittle
  • Member Since: February 2020
Hi! We're Kevin and Charley, the folks behind Land Sea Soul. After buying far too many candles for our home, we decided to make our own. For the last 6+ years, we've been developing scents that remind us of some of our favorite places and moments. Handmade in San Francisco, California - Land Sea Soul creates thoughtful home goods with exceptional scent experiences. We use only the highest quality ingredients including US grown soy wax, perfumers grade fragrance oils, and thoughtful materials. We pour, label, and finish each of our candles, diffusers, and room sprays by hand in our mission studio - ensuring each meets our high quality standards. Our rule is easy: if we wouldn't put it in our house, it won't go in yours!

Landia Oreganics

  • Owner: Katherine Grady
  • Member Since: May 2015
Hand made, small batch organic skin care.


  • Owner: Laniece Ware
  • Member Since: September 2020
Here at Laniece's, we offer a variety of healing services at our Metaphysical healing Spa/Shop located in Obetz, Oh. Utilize our very relaxing therapeutic healing rooms and also enjoy our location shop that has many of your spiritual needs, paintings, and other exclusive products in-store or enjoy
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