Manifest Destiny

  • Owner: Meike Kopp
  • Member Since: December 2018
Candles, perfumes and room sprays. I had a membership with IBN but decided to close my store in 2020 as its more work than I thought. That said in after thought I realized I should maintain my insurance probably a year or two after I close to be safe.

Mar Na’s Body Shop

  • Owner: Marna Carter
  • Member Since: July 2020
Mar Na's Body Shop sells handmade body butters. body oils, hair oils, beard balms, soaps, body scrubs and candles.

Marble & Milkweed

  • Owner: Briar Winters
  • Member Since: April 2014

Marcola Candle Works

  • Owner: Millicent Kelso
  • Member Since: March 2020
In the process of starting a website Candles, Room and Linen Sprays, Wax Melts, Car Fresheners, Soap

Margaret Lilly & Co

  • Owner: Izetta Heyward
  • Member Since: February 2019
Candle Company

Maria Mattina

  • Owner: Maria Mattina
  • Member Since: March 2015
Eco Beauty Wholesale, LLC, is a company that provides high-quality, organic beauty solutions to cosmetic companies and related industries across the world. Our products are made from pure, organic and natural ingredients such as natural plant and fruit oils rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids. We sell a wide variety of natural oils and natural hair care and skin care products in bulk at wholesale prices. We also offer support to distributors to create, build and promote their own brands. Our products are sourced from select farms and distilleries across the world. Samples are checked every season and products selected after ensuring the sustainability of the resources as well as the processes that they undergo. We don't procure from providers who use children for labor and animals for product testing. We also make sure that the products have no chemicals, artificial fragrances and other additives. Eco Beauty Wholesale chooses oils that are certified organic, wildcrafted and pesticide-free. We offer products that give positive, lasting results and are, above all, free from side effects. At Eco Beauty Wholesale, you will find beauty solutions sourced from nature's finest.

Marilyn Mae Farm LLC

  • Owner: Daniel Bolduc
  • Member Since: November 2019
We make and sell soy based candles.

Marisha Manicures

  • Owner: Marisha (Emm Cee) Smith
  • Member Since: July 2020
Marisha Manicures provides natural nail and nail enhancement services, creates and sells homemade cuticle oil, scrubs and press-on nails.

Martinsville Emporium

  • Owner: Heather Kalisiak
  • Member Since: December 2011
Handmade Bath & Body Emporium, located on historic Webster Street in downtown North Tonawanda. All of signature soaps, bath and body products, and soy candles are made right in the store!

Mary Ann’s Naturals

  • Owner: Mary Ann Andersen
  • Member Since: March 2014
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