Makos Scents

  • Owner: Judit Au
  • Member Since: July 2022
Makos Scents provides candles, wax melts, and other scent-related products to the local community.

Malibu Fairies DBA / Scent Clouds

  • Owner: Katja Schmolka
  • Member Since: March 2021
Scent Clouds is a boutique lifestyle brand nestled in Malibu, CA. We create handcrafted mists, soaps and candles, infused with organic botanical scents & Amethyst crystals. Scent Clouds is for all who love the magic & power of botanical scents.

Mama and Me Creatives, LLC

  • Owner: Emily Mertz
  • Member Since: September 2022
Hand crafted herbal products (salves, essential oil blends, etc) and mala necklaces.

Mama Apothecary

  • Owner: Emilie Sennebogen Bryant
  • Member Since: September 2022
Handmade face and body care products that include serums, salves, bug spray. Offerings will occasionally include limited edition items such as soap, candles and body products, such as body oils, lip balms,

Mama Llama’s Essentials

  • Owner: Melissa Velez
  • Member Since: June 2022
All natural sugar and salt bath body scrubs

Mama Sita’s Inc.

  • Owner: Margaret (Sits) Lewis
  • Member Since: May 2019
Natural raw vegan handmade skin and hair care, including Miracle Butter Cream.


  • Owner: Michelle Smith
  • Member Since: July 2014
Doing Laundry is the Worst. Am I right? Not only is doing laundry the worst, you've just spent an insane amount of time searching for a safe option for your family. How long did you spend searching- days? weeks? months? The search is over. Formulated based on our own need for a laundry soap that would clean our cloth diapers (so yeah, think about how well it must work) but it had to be gentle enough to not irritate our baby's skin. We didn't want to add to the labor of laundry by using two different detergents. On top of it all, we had hard water. If MamaSuds Laundry Soap can clean cloth diapers, imagine how it can clean your regular laundry. Ingredients: water, potassium olivate (saponified olive oil), sodium carbonate, and sodium borate 64 fluid ounce BPA-free + recyclable bottle Options for unscented, or pure lavender or lemon essential oil SLS-free, Dye-free Biodegradable and safe for septic systems Free of any synthetic ingredients 64 fluid ounce bottle will do up to 128 loads of laundry Directions: Use 1/2 to 1 full tablespoon per load for high-efficiency washing machines; one to four tablespoons per load for regular machines. MamaSuds is cruelty free certified by Peta

Mango People

  • Owner: Sravya Kalyanapu
  • Member Since: November 2020
Mango People is a line of multi-use beauty essentials formulated with natural elements that are designed to nourish and elevate the skin, while adding rich and long-wearing color. Our pigments are entirely extracted from fruits, vegetables, flowers, iron oxides and clays.

Manila Candle

  • Owner: Vernon Rodriguez
  • Member Since: November 2020
Manufacture candle

Maple + Moss candle studio

  • Owner: Brad Snodgrass
  • Member Since: December 2020
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