Maryannes Organics ALLC

  • Owner: Maryanne Chrisman
  • Member Since: July 2013
maryanne's organics HEALING PLANT OILS are in their fifth year of production. We primarily focus our sales on local farmers markets and coop groceries. We incorporate out own certified organic infusions in our products and specialize in healing creams and oils.


  • Owner: Mary Melzer
  • Member Since: August 2017

Mason & Wax

  • Owner: Laureen Greeley
  • Member Since: September 2014

Matter and home

  • Owner: Holly Jarousek
  • Member Since: September 2014

MayaIndia Enterprises

  • Owner: Roslyne Johnson
  • Member Since: December 2011
At MayaIndia Enterprises our focus is on self-care and our luxury handmade beauty products are designed to encourage the busy professional woman to slow down and give herself the attention she deserves. Body Frosting is our Signature Product and it is lovingly made from whipped, organic oils and butters. We also create Dessert-Inspired Handmade Soap, Smoothie Scrub, Bath Syrup, Lip Balm and Bath Fizzies. Our home collection includes fragrant candles, beautiful journals, mugs and tote bags. MayaIndia recently launched the Umilele Box which includes the items needed to complete a 5 day Self-Care Challenge.

Mayur Naturals

  • Owner: Manjari Saha
  • Member Since: February 2019
Mayur Naturals is a line of skincare, haircare and cosmetics that is all natural, organic, vegan and gluten free.

MBA Body Essential, LLC

  • Owner: Ann Jagitsch
  • Member Since: September 2018
Manufacture and distribution (sales) of end user bath and body products

McGraw’s wicks

  • Owner: Cecily McGraw
  • Member Since: August 2020
Candle maker

Mckenzie River Candle Company

  • Owner: Melanie (Mindi) Hill
  • Member Since: August 2014
Hand-poured soy candles that give back to nature.

Me and a Tree

  • Owner: Michelle Touchstone
  • Member Since: April 2014
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