Nana’s Naturals

  • Owner: Tammy Myers
  • Member Since: August 2018
Nana's Naturals sells all natural handmade bath and body products like soap, Body Butter, Sugar scrubs lip balm, perfumes, bath bombs, face masks as well as candles and jewelry

Nancy Coatney, LLC

  • Owner: Nancy Coatney
  • Member Since: January 2017

Nativ Botanicals LLC

  • Owner: Leah Bartel
  • Member Since: July 2020
Our aim is to make body care products that use wholesome and undeniably healthy ingredients for people and the environment. We source all of our ingredients from high quality vendors, use almost entirely certified organic ingredients , and put an emphasis on using sustainable packaging for all of our body care products.


  • Owner: Tasha Hetke
  • Member Since: May 2018

Natural Annnie Essentials LLC

  • Owner: Annya Brown
  • Member Since: November 2017

Natural Sourcing, LLC

  • Owner: Sanjoy Basu
  • Member Since: January 2012

Naturali Soap LLC

  • Owner: Cory Bailey
  • Member Since: March 2019
Handmade Soap, Soy Candles & Bath Essentials.


  • Owner: Gwendolyn Williams
  • Member Since: April 2015
hair care

Naturally Good Soaps

  • Owner: Melissa Rivera
  • Member Since: May 2011
Holistic Coaching Using Medicinal Herbs & Essential Oils for Overall Wellness

Naturally Susan’s LLC

  • Owner: Susan Ng
  • Member Since: February 2020
Naturally Susan's products are about skin-healthy and they're about versatility. They're about simplifying our lives and making our lives easier. Susan started making skin care products for herself because she wanted chemical-free and fragrance-free beauty care suitable for her sensitive skin. Susan found an abundance of toxins and chemicals in many products, so she started researching and developing her own formulations, creating products that are as pure to nature as possible. What you'll find in her skin care portfolio are products like moisturizers that are concentrated, portable, and can be used for all over body. Susan's products are effective, long lasting, and versatile. They're eco-friendly, travel-friendly and cruelty-free. Naturally Susan's products are handmade and packaged by Susan in New York City.
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