• Owner: Bhupinder Singh
  • Member Since: April 2019
NATURELLES LLC manufactures handmade Artisan soaps. each bar of soap is handcrafted, hand-cut and hand packed in Oregon, USA.

Natures Simple Solution, Inc.

  • Owner: Laura Triscaro
  • Member Since: January 2017
Immediately clean and sooth the rectal and vaginal areas with a wipe of Perfect Solution Purifying Cleanser, a light lotion infused with essential oils.

ND Candle Works

  • Owner: Danna Meek
  • Member Since: September 2019
We use Organic American Soy blended with all natural botanical waxes and pure Beeswax. Cotton wicks are lead and zinc free. Our candles are hand poured in small batches.

Neem Tree Farms

  • Owner: Victoria Parsons
  • Member Since: June 2016


  • Owner: Brittany Hogan
  • Member Since: March 2016
Nourish your skin and soothe your spirits with this 100% natural moisturizer. Meet Transform Tallow Body Butter with a floral, earthy, sweet-citrusy aroma and a calming vibe. It's like a gentle hug from a motherly figure. Ideal for even the most sensitive skin types and those with problematic skin. Passionate about restoring the ways of our ancestors, the ingredients we use are grown or raised as nature intended - organically. Ingredients: Grass-fed beef tallow, unrefined shea butter*, calendula-steeped jojoba oil*, unrefined coconut oil*, beeswax*, lavender essential oil*, orange essential oil*, vetiver essential oil*, German chamomile essential oil*, helichrysum essential oil*, non-gmo vitamin e oil*, and positive intention*. * = organic Cleanse. Infuse. Reflect. Evolve. - Nefertem - Handcrafted Holistic Skincare™

Nelum Botanics

  • Owner: Klara K. Ibarra
  • Member Since: April 2012

Neo Accord Enterprises

  • Owner: Alecia Des Lauries
  • Member Since: October 2019
Handmade scented candles.

New Body Fitness and Wellness

  • Owner: Jaclyn Hatch
  • Member Since: October 2018
A small Fitness & Wellness studio. Mainly Group fitness / personal training & Reiki & Crystal Healing

Ni’Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist

  • Owner: NiKita Wilson
  • Member Since: November 2019
Beauty brand for Black women

Ni’Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist

  • Owner: Ni'Kita Wilson
  • Member Since: April 2019
Ni'Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist is a beauty brand that celebrates the allure, strength and resolve of Today's Black Woman while catering to our needs, never letting us forget how dope we are. We create contemporary, effective beauty products merging the finest ingredients that science and nature have to offer.
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