Spiritual Beauty

  • Owner: Elizabeth Kochanik
  • Member Since: August 2013
Intentional Remedies is dedicated to making vibration mists.

Splash of Indigo

  • Owner: Tammy Batley
  • Member Since: June 2011
Artisan Soap and Botanical Bath & Body products formulated to help you de-stress, unwind, and revitalize. We specialize in conjuring skin-loving botanicals into luxurious artisan soaps and bath & body products that help transform your self care routine from a mundane chore to a soothing, restorative ritual that rejuvenates and uplifts both your body and spirit.

Spot On Grooming Supplies

  • Owner: Peony Klaiber
  • Member Since: September 2019
Equestrian grooming products and Spot On Braiding Wax

Spring Meadow Botanicals

  • Owner: Alicia Dann
  • Member Since: May 2014

SR Distribution, LLC

  • Owner: Richard Garrison
  • Member Since: March 2017

SRB Skin Care Inc

  • Owner: Shannon Reagan
  • Member Since: April 2019
I make handmade skin care, hair care and body products.

Srida Herbals LLC

  • Owner: LakshmiDevi Ethirajan
  • Member Since: October 2019
natural and/or organic skincare products manufacturing and sales

Stacia, Inc.

  • Owner: Stacy Johnson
  • Member Since: September 2015
Stacia, est. in 1998, is a beach lifestyle brand based in Santa Monica, CA. My first foray into the clean beauty industry is with the launch of Bungalow Fragrance. The hand-crafted collection of all-natural oils of bamboo, fig, and coconut comes in an array of body products. The single scent, Bungalow, will transport you to a bungalow on the beach and smells like your best island vacation memories. Products include a 9ml perfume oil, 50 ml eau de parfum, hydrating body lotion, and a soy candle. All products are made with natural ingredients, no parabens or chemicals, and hand-crafted with love in sunny Santa Monica.

Standard Wax

  • Owner: Samantha Thompson
  • Member Since: May 2014

Starblast Co., LLC

  • Owner: Viviana Tacussis
  • Member Since: November 2017
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