Starblast Co., LLC

  • Owner: Viviana Tacussis
  • Member Since: November 2017

Starlight and Sparkles LLC

  • Owner: Carissa Hobson
  • Member Since: January 2018

Starring…! Fragrances

  • Owner: Ashley Peldon Hurdle
  • Member Since: January 2012

Stars Hollow Candle Co.

  • Owner: Laurie (Laurelai Courter) Barton
  • Member Since: January 2021
Hand made hand poured farm and vintage style candles. Labels can be custom made. Beautiful scents from the woods to the oceans to the rivers and mountains.

Stella Chroma

  • Owner: Pam Rodgers
  • Member Since: April 2014
Artisan, Hoosier made nail polishes and hand care items that are big 5 free and cruelty free.

Stella Green Botanicals

  • Owner: Terri Schultz
  • Member Since: March 2018

Steph’s Scrubs and Stuff

  • Owner: Stephanie Calderon
  • Member Since: March 2017

Stillpoint Aromatics, Inc.

  • Owner: Joy Musacchio
  • Member Since: January 2012

Stoney River Soap Company

  • Owner: Evelina Toscani (Charpentier)
  • Member Since: February 2020
Since 2003, Stoney River Soap Company has been making handmade soap. We now have 24 different soaps and five shampoo bars. We also carry a few seasonal soaps. The vast majority of our soaps use only pure essential oils. Only the seasonal soaps and three of the 24 year-round soaps use fragrance oils. As years have gone by, we've added salves, hand & body lotions, face creams, lip balms, beard balms, foot lotions and other natural products. Any palm oil used is sustainable and organic. We also offer half-bar and quarter-bar sized soaps with custom labeling as party favors. These go well at baby showers and wedding showers. We are constantly seeking to improve our products and look, and customer service is our top priority.

Storyboard Bath and Body dba Bloomsbury Sq

  • Owner: Niambi Cacchioli
  • Member Since: November 2014
Plant-based skincare
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