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Recently, the very fabulous Cathy Allesandra, publisher of Today's Innovative Woman Magazine and producer of the radio show of the same name, interviewed me on the topic of “How To Embrace Your Role as a Business Leader.”

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In my experience coaching and mentoring Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs for 14 years, I have noticed that most will invest thousands of dollars in the ingredients and supplies needed to make great products, but will invest almost nothing in themselves as the leaders of their companies.

Though there are many reasons why a business may not perform to it's highest capability, it's not usually because the products are sub-standard. It's more often because the person behind them does not give herself what she needs to relax into leadership and steer the ship confidently and without being stressed out all the time. Among other things, on the show, I shared tips you can use to develop your leadership skills so you can beging to quickly see how they help your company grow — and even help you increase sales! I hope you enjoy it.

Cathy Allesandra is the Chief Innovative Officer of Alessandra Media Group LLC. She has published the successful niche magazine, “What’s Up For Kids” for more than 17 years. In 2011, she built on her expertise to create “Today's Innovative Woman,” a second niche publication serving smart, savvy women business owners. You can learn more at her website.

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