Dreams Are Not Just For Dreamers

How Dreaming HUGE Can Transform Your Life and Your Business

I once saw a television program featuring an interview of 9-time Olympic gold medal (and 1-time silver medal) winner Carl Lewis. You may recall Lewis' inspiring track and field accomplishments during the Olympic Games of the 1980's and 1990's. During a time when track and field athletes were being disqualified left and right for drug testing violations, Lewis inspired everyone with his stellar career, unmarred by even the slightest allegation of impropriety. Just look at the form, focus and poise he displayed in this Sports Illustrated Magazine photo.


During the interview, Lewis was asked what advice he had for aspiring Olympic athletes. His response was simple, "Dream huge, not big. You have to dream huge in order to accomplish anything in this life. Don't sell yourself short by limiting your aspirations to just the "big." Dream HUGE! Dreaming HUGE made all the difference in my athletic success."

If dreaming HUGE helped him win 9 Olympic gold medals, imagine what it can help you do!! Dreaming big is nice, but dreaming HUGE propels your possibilities into a whole new stratosphere! Here's how.

1. Dreaming HUGE Builds Confidence

In his interview, Lewis described his high school personality as very shy. Even though he was the best athlete in the state of Texas, he could hardly muster up the courage to speak to the press, even as less talented athletes spoke with confidence and assurance. To overcome his fear, he reminded himself of his dreams and then began carefully studying how the other athletes interacted with the media. He watched how they carried themselves, how they moved and how they said the same basic things over and over again. As well all now know, once he got the hang of it, he was unstoppable. His HUGE dreams gave him the courage he needed to step outside his comfort zone, and in the process, his confidence soared. The result is history.

2. Dreaming HUGE Provides Increased Motivation

There's nothing terribly wrong with dreaming big instead of HUGE … unless maximizing your potential is a goal in your life. Don't get me wrong. I am a firm believer in being content in whatever circumstances exist at any given time. However, if there's something better out there, why not reach for it, being content, while also aiming for something even better and more fulfilling?

During my high school years, my dad shared lots of wisdom with me. After graduation, as I squirmed in my chair because he was making me late for a celebration party, I filed these words away in my spinning head: "Whatever you do, always make sure your reach exceeds your grasp." At that time, it meant I should have the very best time possible at the party! But as the years passed, I have put those words to work as best I can, being content with what has been grasped, yet remaining motivated to always reach at least a little bit further.

3. Thinking HUGE Inspires Others

We all learn by example. Just think about how many business actions you take because the same ones have already worked for someone else. Once you start dreaming HUGE, and your most cherished dreams begin to be fulfilled, you'll start to see others encouraged and inspired by your motivation and desire to move forward. This is a blessing and a wonderful by-product of dreaming HUGE! By fulfilling your own dreams, you enlarge your circle of influence and help other people fulfill their dreams too. By dreaming HUGE, you automatically leave behind a wonderful legacy.

One of my deepest convictions is that God placed us here so that we can achieve our fullest and most glorious potential. Dreaming HUGE helps us do that. So consider your HUGE dreams today, and study and pursue them with fervor, gusto and style. Even your smallest steps yield big results for you and everyone around you!

Question: What are some of the other benefits of dreaming HUGE?

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