Thank you so much, Donna Maria! Being a member of Maker Mastermind has helped me in so many ways. I have learned how to set (and change) goals, and how to figure out the necessary steps to achieve my goals. This may sound simple, but it’s not easy, especially when life gets in the way. Being a Maker Mastermind member helps keep me accountable and motivates me when I am losing focus. It’s a great place to learn and be lifted up together. I am excited and I look forward to working through the next quarter with you!

Jennifer Watt: Jenny the Hemp Goddess, Armada, Michigan

IBN is the best professional membership I have joined. … I have learned the skills to take my business to the next level. It's a great group to join regardless of the size of your business.

Cindy Jones Ph.D.Colorado Aromatics: Member since 2013

 After the last conference, I joined the Indie Business Network, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only have I learned a lot through all the great resources, but it has helped me get outside my comfort zone. It was also one of my safe spaces during all the 2020 challenges when I needed to see a friendly face with encouragement, understanding, and support to keep going. Donna Maria and the Indies were there for me.  

Debrena GordonBlue Spring Run Farm

I cannot even imagine where my business would be without Indie Business, Donna Maria, or the incredible group of makers, she mentors and leads.

Roberta PerryScrubz Natural Skincare: Member since 2014

Donna Maria and Indie Business are a huge inspiration to me. Indie Business is the BEST organization I've joined. I learn so much from everyone's questions, comments and of course, Donna Maria's videos.

Robbin TurnerViolet Botanical Skincare: Member since 2018

Without Indie Business, I would be bound to make mistakes that would assuredly come back to haunt my growing business in the future.

Amina AdemAmina Aromas: Member since 2016

Indie Business is the best professional membership I have joined. The networking is great, the sharing of information is phenomenal, the teaching that Donna Maria brings is outstanding. I have learned the skills to take my business to the next level. It's a great group to join regardless of the size of your business.

Cindy Jones Ph.D.Colorado Aromatics: Member since 2013

The Indie Group is always my first go-to place for opinions, advice and info on growing my business. I wonder why I did not join years ago!

Kathy Dannel VitcakThe Blissful Dog: Member since 2014

IBN is an awesome community for Makers. My business has been blessed beyond measure since I joined!

Torrian HowellDornee: IBN Member since 2013

My income continues to climb because I have the unwavering support of Donna Maria and the entire Indie Business Network Team.

La Shonda TyreeHandmade Soap Coach: IBN Member since 2002

Indie, and Donna Maria, has been a guiding force in my life and business since 2002! When I first started my handmade business I was green and naive to what it takes to be a good natural products manufacturer. Over the years I have listened to Donna Maria and utilized the Indie Business Network for resources and insurance.

Christine LaureanoBa6 Marketing: IBN Member since 2002

Donna Maria, IBN's founder and CEO, has been a source of ideas, inspiration, guidance, suggestions and advice for more years than I can remember. She is just, pure and simple, a resource you can NOT afford to ignore. And besides that, she shares her heart and soul with us…she is a constant reminder during all the stress and hard work fo creating and running your own business…that it's important to take time for you…time to nurture your spirit, time to laugh.

I've been a member of IBN for (it seems like) forever, through a lot of different incarnations as she has helped the organization and its members grow. I am so grateful for her friendship.

Marge ClarkNature's Gift: IBN Member since 2000

Joining this group, hands down and without question, has been the best thing that I have done for my business. The contacts I've made, the information that I've gotten has changed the course of my business. The supportiveness, the helpfulness of the group makes me feel that I am never alone to figure out a problem, to vent or to celebrate! Thank you DM for providing us with this wonderful resource and for your gentle, kind guiding hand.

Renan KennedySans Skincare, IBN Member since 2013

“Donna Maria is trailblazer. She is a constant beacon of light leading the way for others to follow and pursue their own dreams. Women and men across America have created businesses that support the lifestyle of their dreams under the wings of Donna Maria. She has broken every limiting rule that could have held her back. Not only has she built her own corporate ladder, but she has shown anyone, willing to learn from her, how to build their own ladder.”

Kayla FioravantiOlogy Essentials - IBN Member since 2014

My business was a “hobby” until I started taking full advantage of all the resources available at Indie Business Network. Once I made time for this, my business soared. Having a guiding light in Donna Maria is a HUGE advantage to an independent entrepreneur and the camaraderie with other Indies is invaluable.

Jennifer WallerCeltic Complexion, IBN Member since 2014

My membership to the Indie Business Network has been invaluable to my business! No other place will you find makers, who often make the same things, never competing against each other, but rather lifting each other up, helping each other, and supporting one another. It is truly a incredibly unique, and priceless dynamic that is hard to find other places. When I have a business or industry type of question, this group is the absolute first place I go for help and suggestions. The members are genuine, and are honestly a remarkable group of people. Donna Maria's vision for the network is progressive and inspiring! Very grateful for this group and how they have facilitated growth in my business.

Stacey Ann Venturabe blends - IBN Member since 2015

As a business consultant for boutique spa owners, I recommend IBN constantly. This is THE go to resource for a plethora of sound business advice. From private sessions with Donna Maria (which I highly recommend – get your pen ready you fill pages in your notebook) to the essential Maker Mastermind groups and the step by step Indie Method (every business would benefit from starting here). The Facebook groups and challenges are lively, well thought out, and will drive you and your business to places you've never dreamed you would go. And you can get your product liability insurance here as well. Stellar combo!!

Susan VargaAromatic Traditions, IBN Member since 2014

As a business owner, we have to make a lot of decisions…some of them good and some not so good. I have found that being a member of the Indie Business Network has been one of the BEST decisions I have made for my business. The leadership and mentoring that Donna Maria provides is truly priceless. Donna Maria has a natural ability to gently lead and guide you along your business journey. I have participated in multiple events/challenges that Indie Business Network has hosted and each time I come away with more knowledge and growth in my business. As a solo entrepreneur you are never alone when you are a member of IBN. I can truly say I have formed some friendships through this organization that I know will be life long friendships…that is an added benefit! Thank you Donna Maria for creating the Indie Business Network, I am honored to be a member of this fine organization.

Sandy EngelsThe Purple Sage: IBN Member since 2013

I joined IBN because it afforded me insurance that I desperately needed, but I what I really gained was an amazing community of empowering, inspiring, and resourceful entrepreneurs. Donna Maria unlocked a door I didn't even know I needed opening. … I can't imagine I would have had the confidence to try new things without IBN and all it has to offer. The connections and learning experiences I have had through IBN is priceless and the people within it are truly a definition of “network.”

Michelle C. SmithMama Suds: IBN Member since 2014

I have known Donna Maria since 2006. She is a wellspring of knowledge and positive energy. When I thought about who I wanted to brainstorm with for the evolution of my business, Donna was at the top of the list. She brings her years of experience as a business person and her creativity as a maker with her. I only wish I had more time with her, which I will be doing in the near future. She help pull my different business offerings into different buckets. It clarified for me how I can communicate that to myself and others. I can wait to speak with her again because I know I am in solid hands! Thank you, Donna Maria.

Jennifer HardawayKleanSpa bath + body: IBN Member since 2014