Episode 43: Jennifer Hardaway: KleanSpa, Burbank, California [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 43 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this episode, I'll introduce you to Jennifer Hardaway of KleanSpa in Burbank, California. As you'll hear first-hand, Jennifer got the idea for her brand in December 2004 while driving down the street, just minding her business. By 2005, she was making and retailing sugar scrubs and other bath and body products at a new website and local market venues. Jennifer joined the Indie Business Network in 2006, and since then, has expanded her platform to include wholesale, a retail store with a perfume blending bar, and a mobile perfume party service called The Mobile Mixtress.


Jennifer says that her business has grown organically over the past 12 years, and she's now considering taking on an investor. You will love learning about Jennifer's patient, never-in-a-hurry business approach, plus a few mindset shifts you may need to embrace to make your own business more of what you want it to be. Enjoy my interview with Jennifer NOW!

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Episode Show Notes

  1. The story behind KleanSpa, including how quickly Jennifer acted on her vision once she had it. (starting at 2:16)
  2. Jennifer shares the mindset she embraced, including trusting her path ad rejecting perfection, to get started quickly and make things happen immediately in KleanSpa. (starting at 5:50)
  3. The connection between avoiding perfection and pursuing excellence, and what it has to do with the art of delegation. (starting at 7:57)
  4. How Jennifer found her current “sales rep,” and how she has approached hiring people to help her over the years. (starting at 12:08)
  5. “Every time I take a small step to expand my business, my business expands to meet me.” (starting at 22:31)
  6. KleanSpa's income stream categories: online retail, wholesale, retail store, in-store perfume blending, mobile perfume parties via the Mobile Mixtress brand, and teaching perfumery classes. (starting at 18:49)
  7. KleanSpa's approach to structuring compensation for her “sales rep,” and how it depends less on formality and more on relationship. (starting at 25:05)
  8. Jennifer describes her business as “growing organically, on a very personal level” through the years. (starting at 31:00)
  9. A conversation about comfort. (starting at 31:52)
  10. There is no one right or wrong way to grow your business, but there are some wrong ways. (starting at 35:55)
  11. What's on the drawing board for KleanSpa and Mobile Mixtress … the options are limitless! (starting at 42:37)
  12. Jennifer defines “success.” (starting at 46:00)

Three Actions You Can Take Right Now

At the Indie Business Network, we are not just about listening and being inspired. We are also about thinking carefully about what we hear, and then taking measured steps toward specific goals. Here are 3 actions you can consider taking right now based on my interview with Jennifer.

  1. The case for moving quickly on your vision: Jennifer's story shows the huge benefits that come with hitting the ground running once you have a clear vision for your business. She got the idea in December 2005, and by 2006, she was already proactively selling products online and in local shows and markets. Jennifer also reminds us that that you want your business to grow, you cannot be the only one doing stuff. She shared opening about how it's literally life or death for your business. You'll love how Jennifer defines success toward the end of the episode too.
  2. Some of the best things happen when you are at your most vulnerable: Jennifer says that her current sales assistant wasn't even hired to do sales, and she was hired when sales were low, morale was low, and Jennifer's personal life was in a difficult spot. This person came along without any plan, and has been one of the best things for business. You'll love hearing how you can grow your business simply by allowing certain opportunities to grow organically and without much advance planning.
  3. Grow slow and sure: Jennifer started her business in 2005, and today, it embraces six separate income streams. Each stream was added one at a time. When one was strong, she added another. When those two were strong, she added a third, and so forth. Today, after well over a decade, it's all about adding onto the solid platform Jennifer started building as she drove her car down the street all those years ago.

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Visit the KleanSpa website

Book your perfume party with the Mobile Mixtress or call KleanSpa or visit the Kleanspa retail store at 3319 West Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505, in the Magnolia shopping district. KleanSpa is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 – 6:30, and Sunday from 11-6.

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