Episode 50: Meagan Sincock of Wildly Natural [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 50 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this episode, I introduce you to Meagan Sincock of Wildly Natural in Bennington, Kansas. Wildly Natural is a fun and fairly new mineral makeup company run by a woman who loved makeup so much that she talked her mom into becoming a Mary Kay consultant just so she could have a never ending stash at her disposal.


As you'll hear, Meagan is an esthetician by trade, but when she could not find a job in her field, she perched herself at an office job and started working as a freelance makeup artist. She stumbled upon some makeup that said the word, “handmade” on the label, and you know what happened next. Yep. Meagan began studying to learn how to make her own makeup, and after a few years of study and trial and error, she started a business of her own. While Meagan's company is fairly young (and so is Meagan), as you'll hear in this interview, she's done quite a few things to ensure the ongoing sustainability of her business. You can learn a lot from her experiences, especially if you are a new beautypreneuer. Enjoy my interview with Meagan NOW!

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Episode Show Notes

  1. The beginnings of Wildly Natural, and how Meagan started it after she couldn't find a job as an esthetician. (starting at 2:06)
  2. Why Meagan thought she could start a business in an economy where a lot of people were closing their businesses. (starting at 5:31)
  3. How makeup has evolved over the years to embrace bold, colorful looks that recognizes makeup as more of an art form than ever before. (starting at 7:05)
  4. A little about the trademark registration process, and Meagan's experience and recommendations. (starting at 8:18)
  5. How Meagan uses Instagram to market her products, including how she approaches people to use her makeup and post pictures on social media. (starting at 9:56)
  6. Why Meagan chose Shopify to host her website, and her favorite plugin. (starting at 13:00)
  7. How Meagan uses social media to promote her business today, and how she intends to add video in the near future. (starting at 14:50)
  8. How Meagan chooses which ingredients to use and which not to use in her products, and what her Leaping Bunny certification means to her brand. (starting at 16:17)
  9. Meagan's future plans for herself and for her brand, the thought process she used to introduce some of her latest new products, and a bit about how she manages her workday. (starting at 20:03)

Actions You Can Take Right Now

At the Indie Business Network, we believe in rolling up our sleeves. Success does not come by listening to the Indie Business Podcast. It comes by taking action based on the things you hear on the show. Success leaves clues, and we believe in following them. Here are some specific actions you can consider taking right now based on my interview with Meagan.

  1. Leverage your background and expertise: Meagan's experience shows what happens when you choose a business that allows you to leverage a former profession to build your entrepreneurial venture. When Meagan couldn't find a job in the field she trained for, she switched gears. Today, she remains in the skincare field, but in a way that allows her much more flexibility than if she had a job as an esthetician. How can you use your previous work or educational background to appeal to your customers?
  2. Respond to your customers: Meagan said that one of her customers's problems was not knowing which eye shadow colors complemented each other. Meagan solved this problem for her customers by creating color palettes that are sold as a set. You never have to guess at what your customers' problems are … they will tell you, making it easier for you to create new things that respond directly to their needs. What are your customers's biggest headaches? How can you help them make them go away?

Explore Additional Resources

Visit Meagan's website: Wildly Natural

Social media: Instagram

Website and ecommerce hosting: Shopify

Trademark attorney: Andrea Hence Evans, Esq.

Business coaching and training: Indie Business Network

Shopify product review plugin: Yotpo

Cruelty free certify certification: Leaping Bunny and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

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