Episode 52: Nieves Rathbun of By Nieves [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 52 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this episode, I introduce you to Nieves Rathbun of By Nieves in Petrolia, California. Nieves's business started out of an unexplainable passion for skincare products and perfume. She describes her brand as a kind vintage, but also modern, and she's done an exquisite job of creating a special niche for herself at shows and in Indie boutiques and spas in cities around the country.

You'll love hearing a little about Nieves' approach to entrepreneurship, and how she did not have a big and grand plan when she started out. She describes her growth as organic, and she grew a little at a time by selling a few things, then buying a few supplies, then selling a few more things, and then buying a few more supplies.

You'll also benefit from the mindset tips Nieves offers to help you embrace and appreciate the intersection between who you are as a person and who you are as an entrepreneur. Enjoy my interview with Nieves NOW!

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Episode Show Notes

  1. The inspiration for the By Nieves brand. (starting at 2:19)
  2. How Nieves saw a need in the market, and how she began to fill that need, starting with sharing a body balm with friends. (starting at 5:34)
  3. How Nieves started selling her products starting with salons and spas, and moving to craft fairs, which Nieves describes as “a great marketing opportunity.” (starting at 7:00)
  4. How Nieves knew where she wanted to sell her products at the very beginning of her business, even though she didn't have a “real grand plan,” and how “every baby step informed the next step.” (starting at 8:21)
  5. How Nieves moved from San Francisco to The Lost Coast, and the challenges of living “in the boonies.” (starting at 9:45)
  6. How the By Nieves is a lifestyle brand, and how her products (one in particular) tells a beautiful story. (starting at 12:06)
  7. Nieves shares how to build your business in a way that conveys real meaning into the heart of your customer, including overcoming the fear of selling your unique self. (starting at 15:11)
  8. Nieves tips on building a show booth that stands out, using what appeals to you and combining your style with things you notice and like at other shows. (starting at 17:54)
  9. How the intersection between your personal brand and your business brand creates the momentum you need to authentically pursue what success means to you. (starting at 23:03)
  10. How Nieves is taking some of her personal time back at this stage in her life and business. (starting at 26:31)
  11. How Nieves decides which shows to do and which ones to skip, and how she has scaled back on events. (starting at 26:58)
  12. How Nieves divides up income streams: shows, wholesale, online retail. (starting at 28:11)
  13. The value of selling your products in person. (starting at 29:20)
  14. Using entrepreneurship as your own personal confidence training ground, and how this translates into increased success. (starting at 31:50)
  15. The hardest part of managing business today. (starting at 33:05)
  16. “Your business and your brand have a life of their own now,” and how that feels to Nieves. (starting at 34:40)
  17. The hardest part about living on the Lost Coast. (starting at 34:40)
  18. Nieves' favorite tech tool (and you will love this) (starting at 37:43)
  19. What being Indie mean to Nieves. (starting at 38:07)

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