Maker Stories: Episode 60: Sierra Zamarripa of Lovewild Design [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 60 of the Indie Business Podcast! Today's Maker Story introduces you to Sierra Zamarripa of Lovewild Design in New York, New York. Sierra grew up in the East Village outside her parents' antique shop. Her entrepreneurial instincts were first honed by keeping herself busy doing things like offering shoe shine services in front of the store, or selling 1980's costume jewelry and milk shakes to passersby.

Sierra's grandmother, a native of Mexico, was also an entrepreneur who sold nylons and handmade scarves, and eventually became an esthetician. Sierra has joined her ancestors on a fun entrepreneurial journey, and as a mother, today, she's passing the torch to her young baby daughter.

You'll learn all about that and more in this episode, which is also filled with Sierra's tips and insights to help you be more successful on your entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy my interview with Sierra NOW!

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Episode Show Notes

Here are the topics discussed in this episode, with time stamps to help you find the information that most interests you:

  1. Sierra shares the story of how she started her business, including how her family's business inspired her. (starting at 3:23)
  2. Why we are seeing more people embracing an entrepreneurial lifestyle these days. (starting at 7:05)
  3. The story of the Lovewild Design brand. (starting at 8:59)
  4. What it was like for Sierra to part ways with a business partner, and her tips to navigate similar situations well. (starting at 11:55)
  5. Sierra's experiences with Renegade Craft. (starting at 13:52)
  6. Sierra shares her product line, including experiences and tips for offering customized products for your customers. (starting at 16:28)
  7. Sierra discusses details associated with her business planning process. (starting at 20:06)
  8. The cool story of how Sierra opened her retail space. (starting at 26:57)
  9. What it's like to work with your mom and your baby daughter. (starting at 32:51)
  10. How Sierra sells her products: retail, wholesale, in-store, shows, etc. (starting at 36:30)
  11. What Sierra sees on the horizon for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs (starting at 40:23)
  12. Sierra's best advice to get your business started on the right foot. (starting at 42:02)

Here are the custom plantable seed coins Sierra made for my signature Indie Cruise Retreat this year.

Here is Sierra and her sweet mom and daughter, both of whom work with her in her business. That's three generations of entrepreneurial women!! How awesome is that?

Episode 60: Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources, or, in the case of many of the certifications, Lisa provided links after the podcast was recorded, so you would have access to all of the wonderful resources Sierra has used to build out her impressive resume.

  1. Social media: Instagram
  2. Maker show: Renegade Craft Fair: Brooklyn
  3. Boutique business conference with Donna Maria: Maker Mastermind Live
  4. Retreat: Indie Cruise
  5. Retail store: Home Goods
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Sierra Zamarripa, Lovewild Design

Visit Lovewild Design and maybe even meet Sierra in person at her shop located at 348 South Fourth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211. The hours are Wednesday to Saturday from 11 to 5 (but Sierra says you are likely to catch them there at other times as well).

Summary of Sierra's Tips for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs

  1. Business collaborations don't have to last forever.

    Sierra told us about how she and her former business partner parted ways. She said that the circumstances were a little “tricky,” but over time, things evened themselves out. Her former partner now helps in her business from time to time. Sierra was honest about how she felt the business partnership was not working for her, and this honesty helped her transition in the friendship without losing it altogether.

  2. Plan your business according to what works for you.

    Sierra described her business planning process as, well, not so much planning. When she has a new idea, she tests it as soon as possible, and learns quickly whether or not the new product will fly. If it does, she keeps the product … and if usually does!

  3. Make customization efficient

    Sierra advises that, if you customize products, make the customization process efficient. For example, make sure you have a template for whatever you offer. In Sierra's case, you can only get one shape, or one color, and so forth, so the actual customization does not require layers of different processes.

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