Introducing Influencer Judge Patrice Grell Yursik: A Passion for Indie Entrepreneurs

Recently, I announced the open call for entries for the 2017 Indie Business Network Artisan Product of the Year Awards. Entries close on October 30, so there is still some time to enter.

This article shares three things you need to know about our Influencer Judge Patrice Grell Yursik, so you can get an idea of what matters to her and how excited she is to learn about your products.

  1. Patrice has a passion for independent beauty entrepreneurs.

    I bet you didn't know that Patrice was an influencer judge nearly a decade ago when I hosted an award program for IBN members. She blogged about it here. Even back then, Patrice's heart for artisan entrepreneurs was apparent, as her blog frequently featured independent small business owners and Makers long before it was popular to do so.

    That passion has only become stronger through the years. For example, check out Patrice's 2016 Indie Brand Black Friday article featuring independent entrepreneurs (some of whom are members of IBN!) to get an idea of her willingness to spread the word about the amazing and innovative products produced by today's small business owners.

  2. Patrice loves home, beauty, and lifestyle products.

    A quick online search for Patrice's Afrobella blog reveals a long-standing and deeply personal drive to try and do new things. Patrice is open. She is interested and she is curious. When a new indie brand comes along, Patrice is not skiddish. Instead, she is highly motivated to give it a try. Before she opens the container, she is captivated and intrigued about the product and the story behind it.

  3. Patrice is an influencer of the highest order.

    There are influencers and there are influencers. Only certain influencers are chosen to work with a worldwide cosmetics brand to develop and market her own lip stick color, All My Purple Life. Yes, it's true. It was only available for a limited time. (There is even a petition to bring it back.)

    Patrice has been called the “godmother of brown beauty blogging.” Her Afrobella blog has been featured in hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and blogs — far too many to include here. It has been recognized as one of Ebony Magazine’s Power 100, and has won multiple online awards. Afrobella has had well over 11 million page views in its existence, and that number continues to climb.

As reported in Tru Chat Online, below is a picture of Patrice's All My Purple Life lip color for Mac Cosmetics. (photography by Cadence Gamache; makeup by Bisi Essien)

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Donna Maria, Indie Business Network

Visit the Afrobella blog at this link, and join 50,000 fans and friends on Instagram.

If you are inspired and motivated by Patrice's passion, do share in the comments below. Were you one of the lucky ones who got their hands on her All My Purple Life? Has Afrobella introduced you to any amazing brands over the years? Please share your thoughts, and, of course, I appreciate every single share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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