Get Over It! (Audio Podcast Interview With Carmen Carrozza)

This afternoon, I was honored to be a guest on Forward Motion Radio with business coach Carmen Carrozza and his co-host Carla Fisher. As we discussed what it takes to successfully lead a small business today, the topic turned to how some people avoid maximizing technology as a means of marketing their businesses online, for fear of not having anything interesting to say, or not having the ability to sustain engagement once they get stared.

My hosts sought my advice in this regard. Perhaps you won't be surprised by what I said next: “Get over it.” My comment is really directed toward those who expect the Internet to produce the majority of their sales, yet when it's time to roll up their sleeves and learn online marketing techniques using Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, etc., they have some excuse why they aren't doing it.

My direct quote (or close to it) was:

“You cannot expect the Internet to put out for you if you are not willing to put out for the Internet.”

Are you afraid of making mistakes? Get over it.

Are you afraid of failing? Get over it.

Are you afraid you don't have enough time? Get over it.

Are you going to let your fear and lack of time prevent you from having the business of your dreams? If so, I'm sorry to hear that. Then someone else will have the business of your dreams. And that stinks.

You can listen to the entire 20-minute show by clicking the gray arrow at the bottom of this post to activate the audio stream. Be sure to turn up your volume.

You can follow Carmen Carrozza on Twitter and Carla Fisher on Twitter.

Question: How did you “Get Over It?” If you haven't gotten over it, how can we help you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section here, or over at the INDIE the FaceBook Page where a listener to the show, Marcia Elston of Samara Botane, posted an update.

*I couldn't find a good graphic for this post, so I'm using one from the “Get Over It” movie, starring Kirsten Dunst. For more information about the movie click here.

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