Handmade Holiday Surprise Gift: Winter Skincare from Celtic Complexion

As we continue to share our handmade holiday surprise gifts, we are reminded that it is good to give and it is good to receive, but both are best when the giving comes first. In 2014, everyone serving on the Indie Team truly gave of themselves to serve your members. That's one reason why the many gifts we have received is so very meaningful. Today, we're excited to tell you about this collection of skincare products from our Celtic Complexion in Raleigh, North Carolina.


This is a great collection of goodies for dry, winter skin – perfect for the rainy, 39° weather in Charlotte. We have Winter Skin Balm (with shea butter, borage and evening primrose), Vida de Fleur Liquid Moisturizer (with pure jasmine oil), and the signature Celtic Complexion Creme (with jojoba, carrot seed and sandalwood oil). The cream comes with an applicator, so the cream can stay clean as we use it — no double dipping!

And yes, on the mini brochure, that is indeed the beautiful (and very Celtic) Jennifer Waller, Master Esthetician & Founder of Celtic Complexion. Here is a personal welcome from Jennifer.

Word on the street is that Celtic Complexion is launching a color cosmetics line soon. Keep your ear to the ground for more on that!

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What do you use on your skin to keep it moisturized during the winter months?

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