#HandmadeChat Comes to a Close …

As many of you know, we hosted the first episode of #HandmadeChat on Twitter on August 18, 2011. Over the years, we welcomed thousands of attendees from all walks of life, and covered dozens of topics with guests who graciously shared their time and expertise to help you be successful in your business. In total, we hosted 57 episodes, the last one on June 6, 2013, covering the topic of how to launch a powerful WordPress site.

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As our team continues to plan our new events and Indie Business Network member programs for the fall season, we have decided to end #HandmadeChat in its current form to make room for exciting new offerings. Before we go, we want to give a special shout out to all of our expert guests, and especially to the amazing Indie Business Network members who served as co-hosts and supporters through the years.

In particular, we want to recognize a core group of members who joined us in selecting relevant topics, getting the word out, and promoting the #HandmadeChat community:

La Shonda Tyree

La Shonda is the “Handmade Soap Coach,” offering classes to teach you how to make your own bath and body products. She is also the host of the SoapMasters Conference, coming up this September in New York City. I'll be speaking at the event, so be sure to register so you don't miss out! La Shonda is located in New Jersey and has been an Indie Business Network member since 2011.

Meet La Shonda on Twitter.

Melissa Rivera

Melissa is the owner of Naturally Good Soaps, offering handmade soaps made in small batches for quality control and good intentions. Melissa is located in New York and has been an Indie Business Network member since 2010.

Meet Melissa on Twitter.

Donna DeRosa

Donna is the owner of Blushing Rose, offering handmade soaps and bath products, and specializing in unique scent blends and creative presentations. Donna is located in California and has been an Indie Business Network member since 2010.

Meet Donna on Twitter.

Mary Humphrey

Mary is an author and inspiring writer who left corporate American to become a farmer, where she eventually began making handmade soap. This blossomed into a soapmaking business, which blossomed into a writing career, which as so far given birth to a book with more in the works. Mary is located in Florida and has been an Indie Business Network member since 2010.

Meet Mary on Twitter.

Alyssa Middleton

Alyssa is the owner of Vintage Body Spa, offering signature, eco-friendly spa products that are available via retail, wholesale and private label. Alyssa is located in Kentucky and has been an Indie Business Network member since 2008.

Meet Alyssa on Twitter.

Our gratitude also goes out to Cathy Larkin at Web Savvy PR, who served as a consultant to help us make the most of technology each week.

So What's Next?

Well, we can't tell you that yet, but rest assured, it will be tasty and delicious.

In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy our #HandmadeChat Q+A summaries and transcripts in our #HandmadeChat topic area.

And if you're interested in benefiting from business mentoring and coaching on a regular basis, consider joining the Indie Business Network featuring product liability insurance for your handmade products, monthly Success Calls, promotional opportunities, 24-7 online access to a thriving community of makers and creative entrepreneurs, a private Facebook group, monthly Q+A calls, member makeovers and more.

You can see our member benefits and join us at this link.

QUESTION: Have you ever attended #HandmadeChat? What are some of your favorite moments? Which episodes benefited your business the most?

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