#HandmadeChat: February 2013 Lineup

On Thursdays at 8pm ET, IBN hosts #HandmadeChat, a weekly Twitter talk show to coach, inform and inspire #handmade and creative entrepreneurs. If you've never attended, now is the time. #HandmadeChat is a fun, inspirational and supportive event where you'll learn so much about making your business more successful.

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As you'll see below, you can submit your questions in advance! So cozy up on Thursday evenings with me and a cup of tea, and get tips and ideas you can use to grow your business from your fellow Indies who are doing it big! Here is the lineup for February 2013!

February 7: Roberta Perry: Scrubz Body, Bethpage, New York, top left

After a few years selling sugar scrub to a growing customer base, Roberta expanded her line to include lip scrub, face and body oil, body butter and more, and all of the product names end in a “Z.” More recently, Roberta opened a lovely shop in Bethpage, New York, and has also partnered with local breast cancer awareness organizations to raise research money. If that was not enough, Roberta climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro a few years ago! Meet this inspiring woman and get some of her best tips for retail, brand expansion, and fitness on this episode of #HandmadeChat.

Roberta has been an IBN member since 2008.

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February 14: Marge Clark: Nature's Gift Aromatherapy, Madison, Tennessee, top right

Marge is the founder and CEO of Nature's Gift, one of the oldest and most respected retailers of aromatherapy products in the world. When it comes to aromatherapy, you can't get much better than Marge. She is the author of Essential Oils and Aromatics: A Step-by-Step Guide for Use in Massage and Aromatherapy, and one of the most knowledgeable aromatherapy experts on the planet. Marge and a small team of customer service Ninjas have built an uber-successful online retail business. On #HandmadeChat, she will share some of her best tips for online retail success and building a brand that withstands the test of time.

Marge is one of IBN's first members, having joined in 2000.

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February 21: Sarah Zahn: Sugared Beauty, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, bottom left

Sarah and her husband are trained as singers, but a double- layoff from their performing jobs in 2008 sent them on a major job hunt, looking for creative ways to make ends meet. Sarah's efforts to duplicate the expensive face and body treatments she could not afford at the time, resulted in the creation of some wonderful products that Sarah enjoyed using herself. She started selling them, and well, you know what happened next. Today, her products are sold online and to retail stores nationwide. On this episode of #HandmadeChat, Sarah will share how she and her husband transferred to entrepreneurship in the midst of the most challenging economy ever, and how she leverages her great products to create a successful brand and following.

Sarah has been an IBN member since 2010.

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February 28: Sheri Lee Pierce: Paradise City Herbal, Northhampton, Massachusetts, bottom right

On a western Massachusetts farm sits a micro-farm managed by Sheri and her husband. All kinds of things are grown there, including foods Sheri uses to prepare delicious meals which she shares on her blog. Also on this farm, Sheri cultivates and harvests herbs which she uses in her handmade herbal body care products — herbs like marshmallow, calendula, chamomile, and more. Sherri will share how she manages her micro-farm and how she integrates her lifestyle with her business for maximum success.

Sheri has been an IBN member since 2006.

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