#HandmadeChat No. 9: How To Work Your Business With Kids Around

Last night, Alyssa Middleton facilitated #HandmadeChat: How To Be Work Your Business With Kids Around. Because I started my business when my children were infants, and help women do so today, this topic is near and dear to my heart.

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Alyssa shared a great deal of insight and many tips on how she manages her business with toddlers at home with her most of the week. Several other moms chimed in with their experiences as well. If you are an entrepreneur with children, or are thinking about having children and running your business from your home, you'll enjoy this discussion. Here are a few highlights:

Q3: How do you deal with unexpected “baby and toddler” noises when you're working?

@bathbodyacademy: A1a I don't apologize for kid noises. I'm a proud mom entrepreneur, and my kids are why I do what I do.

A1b If it gets too loud or a child needs immediate attention, you can always reschedule the call.

A1c Schedule really important calls for when you have a sitter, so you can fully focus on the call.

Q4: How can you encourage your partner, if any, to help with toddlers so you can work?

@bathbodyacademy: A4a I make sure my husband has time to unwind from his workday and/or has time for his hobbies so we both feel supported.

A4b Bribery might work sometimes!

A4c Fill your partners in on your schedule. They will better understand what it is you do from day to day.

Q6: What creative solutions have you found for child care?

@bathbodyacademy: A6a Bartering: exchanging child care for your handmade products.

A6b Exchanging baby sitting duties with another mom entrepreneur.

Q9: How do you involve your children in your work? How can they “help?”

@bathbodyacademy: A9a Fill shipping boxes with packing peanut or help unpack shipments.

A9b Anything that doesn't need to be precise. My file labels are written in crayon and kid's writing.

Q10: How has being a mom made you a better entrepreneur?

@bathbodyacademy: A10a I am more focused efficient and productive. I want to get more done in less time to have family time!

A10b My motivation to succeed is right in front of me, in their precious smiles and hugs.

Download the entire #HandmadeChat transcript here. In addition to Alyssa, several other people chimed in with their tips. You'll find Alyssa's answer to unplanned questions to be informative as well.

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