Holly Hanna's 25 Most Influential Women Tweeting About Entrepreneurship

I am honored to be included on Holly Hanna's newly compiled list of her 25 Most Influential Women Tweeting About Entrepreneurship. Holly Hanna, the “Work At Home Woman,” helps women and moms fulfill their dreams of working at home and/or becoming self employed.

Holly Hanna

I'm sharing this list with you, not only because I'm excited to be included, but because I want to introduce you to Holly and the other women listed, just in case you have not yet met them. A few of these influencers have been guests on INDIE Business Podcast, and you can some of those links below. The Ali Brown episode is 60 minutes long, and the rest are 30 minutes long. The links open a page to the podcast overview and you can stream or download the interview, or, if you don't feel like listening, you can read my highlights. Enjoy!

  1. Melinda Emerson. Click here for Melinda on becoming your own boss. There's also a funny video, very appropriate for a moms like me, who work from home.
  2. Pam Slim. Click for here for Pam's tips on escaping your cubicle.
  3. Anita Campbell. Click here for Anita's cutting edge small business trends.
  4. Tara Hunt. Click here for Tara's tips on getting your “whuffie” on. This episode also includes a video summary.
  5. Ali Brown. Click here for Ali's tips on publishing an ezine to boost your sales. This podcast was recorded in 2006, back when my show was called the Lifestyle CEO Show. You can stream the show at the link, which goes to my old radio show site.

I hope you enjoy those shows, and don't forget to head over the Holly's post so you can follow everyone listed and make some new business connections. Thanks for including me, Holly!

Are you following any of these ladies? Who would you add to Holly's list?

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