Help Holly Port, the Bath Fizzy Queen, Beat Cancer!

Sadly, Holly Port has transitioned, but you can still click links here to support her family and the Lotion Bar Cafe.

If you've followed me for any period of time, you know that my favorite thing about entrepreneurship is not the money, but the amazing relationships I have been blessed to nurture and cultivate over my twenty years in business. Along the way on my entrepreneurial journey, one of the treasured relationships I enjoy most is the one I have with Holly Port, Bath Fizzy Queen and owner of Lotion Bar Cafe in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Not only is Holly a longtime member of the Indie Business Network, but over the years, she has also become a very dear friend.

Along with the rest of the handmade community, I was recently devastated to learn that Holly has been diagnosed with cancer.

I invite you to join me and thousands of others who love Holly in an auction that starts today, February 1, 2020 at this link at Bidding Owl. Enjoy browsing and bidding on lots of products and services donated by people throughout the country. From books and consulting services, to jewelry, antiques, and art, there is something that will appeal to everyone — including our contributions.

• Bid on a year of membership in the Indie Business Network

• Bid on a complimentary month in the Maker Mastermind

• Bid on a personalized autographed copy of my book, Making Aromatherapy Creams and Lotions

Check out all the great items, and bid NOW, before time runs out!

You can also help Holly by donating through a Go Fund Me account here.

If you are in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area, also consider bidding in this Facebook auction also, which features local companies.


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