How to Sell When You Hate Selling

Wouldn't it be great if you could sell your products with confidence and success, even if you think you hate selling? Well, you can. But it starts with one basic requirement. Stop selling.

Seriously, it's not as hard as you think, especially when you embrace an approach that not only allows you to sell more products, but also increases your enjoyment of the process. Here are 5 strategic mindset shifts to help you sell when you hate selling.

  1. Call on your WHY

    Start by remembering why you started your business in the first place.

    Was it so you could quit your job and work for yourself and/or be more accessible to your family?

    Was it because you wanted to supplement the family income?

    Was it to fulfill your vision of your products someday being sold in stores nationwide?

    Whatever the case, motivate yourself daily by remembering why you are in business. Doing so will help you see past every obstacle blocking your progress, including your hatred of selling.

  2. Share what you believe

    I bet you have no trouble expressing your heartfelt opinions at the family dinner table or in a spirited book club discussion. Remember the mindset you have when you are sharing a perspective you firmly believe in, and superimpose it on your products when you have an opportunity to talk with someone who might be interested in buying them.

    Enthusiasm is an organic sales tool. If you are enthusiastic about your brand, people will naturally gravitate toward your excitement, and conversations about how your products can enhance their lives are more likely to come about naturally.

  3. Build relationships

    No matter what you sell, and whether your company is big or small, the basis for every single sale is a relationship.

    You don't ever know in advance whether or not you will land a sale.

    But what you do know is that every person who comes your way will have some kind of relationship with you. It may last 30 seconds or it may last a lifetime.

    Focus on connecting with people around shared interests that reflect positively on what you are selling, and you'll find that an increasing number of your conversations will lend themselves to discussions about the benefits your products.

  4. Invest in people

    Sharing your life with people in your target audience in an open and authentic way will cause them to be attracted to you and your brand. Avoid oversharing, and don't share things that are private or that tend to make people feel uncomfortable. Instead, invest in people by sharing the personal aspects of your life that lead to conversations about your products.

    One of our Indie Business Network members who does this especially well is Lillian Lilly at Kind and Simple Store in Delaware. Lillian is an environmental conservationist by trade, and her brand specializes in wildlife-friendly lifestyle products.

    Lillian is not just selling stuff. Her mission is greater than that.

    Through her brand, she's helping people to appreciate the environment more. Her website and social media posts are designed to do one thing: share information about the earth, so you can nurture and protect it. Her posts invest in people by informing them about the beauty of nature.

    Lillian doesn't sell anything. She helps people appreciate nature. Get it?

  5. Trust the process

    In an of itself, selling is not necessarily fun, but the benefits of selling surely are!

    Consider one of my favorite quotes, from our member, Danielle Vincent of Outlaw Soaps:

    It's not sales if you really mean it.

The only thing holding you back from selling is your definition of the word.

The only thing holding you back from selling is your definition of the word.Click To Tweet

Donna Maria, Indie Business Network

When you approach it from the perspective of of remembering your WHY, sharing what you believe, building relationships, investing in people, and appreciating the process, you'll actually start to look forward to it.


What do you need to do next to adjust your approach to sales so you can take your business further faster? You can leave a comment below, and don't forget to share this empowering information with a friend on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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