How To Start A Couple's MasterMind Group (Part 3)

This the third and final video post to help you start your own couple's MasterMind group. Here is Part 1, which shares how to know if a couple's MasterMind group might be for you. Here is Part 2, which shares tips on managing your couple's MasterMind group. In this segment, I address the critical topic of choosing couples to MasterMind with.

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  1. Choose People Whose Marriage and Business Are On Solid Ground. Of course there are always ups and downs in marriage and in business, but if you are going to be MasterMinding with other couples, you want to make sure there are no major fractures. If there are, they could inhibit the progress of the group. A solid foundation and parity in terms of the strength of the marriages and the businesses of all involved will maximize the benefits of MasterMinding for all.
  2. Choose People You Get Along With. In our case, the girls get along well together and so do the guys. We spend time together separate and apart from the MasterMind group, and separate and part from our spouses. Me and the girls exercise together, meet for coffee and chat on the phone about life in general. We like each other so it's easier and more productive when we come together to MasterMind. The guys get together from time to time as well (though not nearly as often as the girls).
  3. Invite Interested Couples To Sit In On A Meeting. Once you identify couples that might be interested, share a little about how your MasterMind group works. Let them know what you accomplish in the group meetings and ask them if they think they could both benefit and contribute. Discuss what everyone brings to the table to ensure a generally even distribution of give and take. If everyone senses a good collaboration, invite the couple to observe a meeting. If they're interested in joining after observing the interaction, share the ground rules and welcome them!

Remember To Be Fluid & Flexible

While all MasterMind groups benefit from ground rules, advance planning, schedules and organization, when you are dealing with a lot of people, you have to be flexible. As long as everyone is committed, and their actions reflect that commitment, you can remain focused on your goals and adjust the format from time to time when needed to ensure the continued progress of everyone involved.

Question: If you have started MasterMinding with your spouse, please share how it's going. Or if you have questions about the process, ask them and I'll share more from our experience.

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