IBN Members at Dallas Gift Show and Las Vegas Market!

Not all of our members showcase their products at trade shows, but many do. Last week, I told you about Maggie Hanus and Caitlin Abshier exhibiting at Atlanta's America's Mart. Today, I want you to meet three of our member brands that are exhibiting their handmade products at Las Vegas Market and the Dallas Market Center.

Dallas Market Center is a large wholesale marketplace in North America for home décor, furniture, gifts, lighting and fashion. Las Vegas Market is an international furnishings showcase that combines style, inspiration and productivity.

Naiad Soap Arts

Named for a nymph who presided over springs and fountains, Naiad Soap Arts is led by Erin Pikor. Located in San Diego, the company specializes in soaps, sugar scrubs and body creams in a variety of fragrances like Apricot Yuzu, Melaleuca and Charcoal, Balsam Fir, and Beach House.

If you stop by their booth at Las Vegas Market, Pavillion 1, Booth 1215, you'll get to meet Virgil the pig — pictured here with some of their products.

Meet to Erin Pikor on the Indie Business Podcast.

Handcrafted Honeybee

Located in Tehachapi, California, Handcrafted Honeybee offers products that help girls discover and appreciate how smart they are. You can get a Lip Balm Kit, a Clay Mask Kit, a Deodorant Kit and more.

Stop by their booth at Las Vegas Market, Pavilion 1, Booth 5004-12.

Meet Handcrafted Honeybee's owner, Stacia Guzzo, on the Indie Business Podcast and on The Artisan Made Show.


Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Adoratherapy makes aromatherapy products that help you transform your mood. Choose from: Awake, Beautiful, Inspired, Balanced, Peaceful, Seductive and Smart.

Visit Adoratherapy at the Dallas Market Center, Portico Showroom 6th floor!

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