IBN Members at Renegade Craft Fair – San Francsico

If you love all things handmade and you live in San Francisco, then you may have been at the Renegade Craft Fair over the weekend. If so, you would only have enjoyed yourself if you had been sure to stop by and meet some of our members there — in particular, the lovely ladies pictured here.

renegade members

That's Nieves Rathbun from By Nieves on the left. You MUST get some of her The Balm.

In the middle, there is Danielle Vincent of Outlaw Soaps. You MUST get some of her Coffee Soap.

On the right is Alana Rivera of etta + billie. You must try some of her Ginger Orange Lip Balm.

If you're not familiar with Renegade Craft Fair, you should be. Founded in 2003, they host DIY and artisan craft shows in several cities including Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, London and more. You have to apply to get in so you won't find just any old handmade stuff there.

The products are made by people who take their businesses just as seriously as they take their crafts. In other words, they are more than crafters. They are handmade entrepreneurs. There is a difference.

If you missed the show, it may not be too late! Click the links above to get some of their stuff … if they have any left.

Best and Success!


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