#IBP009: Paula Deen on Success and Women in Business [Podcast]

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I hosted my first online radio show on September 21, 2005, before social media took off and before iTunes existed. Today, my Indie Business Podcast boasts over 300 episodes, most of which have never been published to iTunes or this blog. Today, we'll begin to change that. In addition to new shows as they are produced, I will publish previously recorded episodes of my podcast here at Indie Business Blog. You can subscribe on iTunes so you never miss a show. I'm staring with my February 20, 2006 with Paula Deen, when my podcast was called the Lifestyle CEO Show.

Today, Paula Deen is bouncing back from controversy after a tough several months. She recently told People Magazine, “I'm fighting to get my name back.” In this episode of Indie Business Podcast, you'll hear the spitfire “no quit” attitude that is helping Paula bounce back today. While this podcast is dated, it is chock full of nuggets of advice and encouragement to entrepreneurs, particularly to women in business. Paula tells the story of how she transformed a $200 gift from her former husband into a successful restaurant, a string of New York Times best sellers and more.

My first business plan was, ‘I made the sandwiches and my son's delivered them.'

Paula Deen, Author, entrepreneur, celebrity chef, restauranteur

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Episode 9 Show Notes

    1. How Paula pulled herself out of a 20-year run with agoraphobia. At age 40, as a marriage of 27 years was coming to an end, Paula felt like she was going to die. She knew she had to change her life, so, she picked herelf up and did just that. Not only did she dream of The Bag Lady, her first business, but on June 19, 1989, she gave birth to it.


    1. Paula's advice to a single mom who wants to take her business full-time. Use the love, encouragement, and support of family to try your best. There is nothing wrong with trying and failing. The biggest sin is not to have tried at all, says Paula.


    1. How Paula self-published her first book (and how Random House picked it up). After being in business for 8 years, Paula decided she needed to write a book, and she had saved up $20,000 for the job. You will love hearing the story of how her self-published book was picked up by Random House. This is one of the best examples of serendipity I have ever heard. (See how Clint Eastwood fits in too …)


    1. Paula's keys to success for women in business. Think outside the box, and have a business plan. Here is the one Paula started with: “I made the sandwiches and my sons delivered them.” Don't you love that?


Learn more about Paula Deen at her website, her magazine, and get tons of recipes on Pinterest and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Have you ever felt alone and afraid to take your next step, as Paula describes? Who helped you when you lost our confidence and had to step out on faith? How did you overcome self-doubt to create your business? Share your experiences and feedback below!

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