Indie Business Podcast Lineup: December 2011: Health and Fitness Month

I am pleased to share the podcast line up for December 2011. All month, our focus is on health and fitness. Also this month, I am pleased to feature as my guests current (and in one case, a former) members of the Indie Beauty Network!

December 2011 Podcast Lineup

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December 5: Teri Lang Patterson: How To Maintain Fitness Through The Holidays: The holidays are here, and soon, we'll all be talking about making 2012 more healthy than 2011. But how will we do that? What changes need to be made and how do we make them? We're not waiting until 2012 — we started today with certified fitness coach Terri Lang Patterson of Fit Body Systems, who offered super tips to help us amp our fitness levels starting right now! (I'll blog the show with a stream and download link later this week.)

December 12: Tiffany McCauley: How To Eat Clean During The Holidays: OK, so it's December, and that means cakes, cookies, pies and all kinds of scrumptious goodies. But does watching your weight mean you cannot indulge during the holidays? Tiffany McCauley of The Gracious Pantry says, NO, and she's here to share her best tips for enjoying the festive food of the season without ruining your figure or minimizing the work you started doing after my interview with Teri.

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December 19: Gina Rafkind: How To Reduce Stress and Anxiety In Your Life and Your Business: While the holidays can be an especially stressful, small business owners manage an extraordinary amount of stress all year long. But you don't need to live in a constant state of overwhelm and anxiety in order to thrive in your life and your business. Gina Rafkind, CEO of Veda Sun, is going to share some of her best tips for actually using anxiety to release increased energy and creativity in your life. We'll discuss great tips you can use throughout the holidays and into the New Year.

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That will be my last podcast of 2012. I'll be back on January 9, 2012 for the start of my 6th season — can you believe it??!

While you're waiting for these shows, enjoy my interview with marathon runner and mom Laura McClain, sharing tips for beginner runners. You may also enjoy this guest post by my friend John Easton: Exer-preneurship: The Cure For a Flabby Body and a Flabby Business.

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Questions: What fitness questions or tips would you like to contribute? If you cannot attend live, I'll do my best to see that your contribution is shared.

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